Monday, March 6, 2017

Chill, and then Promethean Notes

Not to say "relax" but as in "I ran Chill yesterday." So!

The Boise HQ has a number of cases it could investigate, but before they really dig into one, Auntie Dee has a little errand for them. Eleanor Henry, a former SAVE envoy, passed away recently, and she left behind a lot of notes and case histories that she wanted taken back to the HQ. So, the envoys head over to the house of her son, Dennis, to pick them up. They bring casserole, because obviously.

Dennis is holding up OK; he's sad, but his mother lived a long life and died peacefully. He mentions that she's been chatting with a nurse named Rosalita Clemmons at the hospital where she used to work (Eleanor was also a nurse), and thinks that she might have been doing SAVE-style investigations, as she was wont to do. Dee promises to look into it, and the envoys take away several banker's boxes full of notebooks. They're in a cypher, though, and Dennis doesn't have a key. On the way out, Edward uses Premonition, and sees Dennis translating photocopies of one of the notebooks - something to keep an eye on.

The envoys decide that maybe they should talk to this Rosalita person, so they head to the hospital and make up a story. She comes out to meet them, and when they mention Eleanor, she pulls them ("them" here meaning Dylan, Dee, and Edward) aside and tells them that a woman on her floor died recently (she's a cardiac nurse), but she heard from the morgue attendant that the body was mutilated in the morgue - the eyes were missing. And then she heard that several other bodies had the same thing happen, but they're being processed far too quickly. Cover up? She's not sure; she knows that the hospital is building a new wing (she points out the construction) and the admins don't want any trouble.

The envoys convince her to show them the morgue and introduce the attendant, which she does. They see one of the eyeless bodies, but apart from Edward noting that the sockets don't have any damage or wounds, they aren't able to tell much. Dylan does note where the body of the first "victim" was taken, though.

They head back to the ranch and Dylan gets the computers going on a cypher-breaker, but it's going to take time. The envoys decide to wait until dark, and break into the funeral home where the first eyeless victim was taken. Jeanie uses Skeleton Key to get in, and she, Dee, and Dylan head downstairs to the prep room, while Edward sneaks upstairs to the office and BB keeps lookout.

Edward only has time to see some paperwork on the desk before the owner wakes up, but, thinking fast, he claims that he talked to an employee about using the place for a movie shoot. A few really impressive Communication rolls later, the guy lets him leave with his card (but is annoyed when he sees BB there, too), and the others sneak out the back. The others didn't learn much else - the body was missing its eyes, but with no wounds. They looked like they were removed very cleanly.

It's late, so everyone beds down. Dee dreams of being in a tunnel, and hearing something scuttling behind her. She feels her vision fade, and then something jumps on her back before she wakes with a start.

The envoys get up, have breakfast, and do some research. The hospital is more than 100 years old, and just recently was purchased by Glorian Health Group, which is turning the remains of an old church (St. Pauls, which used to be connected to the hospital) into the new wing. Meanwhile, the de-cyphered files indicate that Eleanor and a team of envoys fought a creature they called the "Eye-Biter' back in 1975. It killed one envoy and injured another, and apparently could "make you feel like your head was in a bucket of dishwater." The injured envoy, the files note, pulled a fire alarm, after which the creature spun in a circle rather than attacking - maybe loud noise or flashing lights distracted it? Jeanie rigs up a device that would do both (but botched the roll to do so; it worked fine when she tested it!).

The files said that the 1975 team had trapped the creature in a tunnel with an explosive device. If the construction site had disturbed it, it might be using the old tunnels to get to the morgue. The envoys decide they'll just head over that night and check out the construction site.

They arrive and creep into the site, and Edward uses Premonition...which leads him to a dead body. The dead man, a construction worker, has a broken neck and is missing his eyes, but there's a milky white substance near the socket - it looks like his eyes have been melted right out. BB posits that the Eye-Biter might be like a spider, dissolving the eyes with a digestive enzyme and then drinking them. The envoys have a collective "yuck" over that, but then a police car rolls up. BB and Jeanine deftly hide, but the others don't. Edward, again, is on the spot with his "making a movie" excuse, and Dee backs him up. The cop makes them leave, but doesn't pursue it further.

They, of course, wait until the cop has gone, and then return. The plan is to lure the creature out and then trap it using Dylan's Line of Defense discipline, hopefully disorienting it with the device Jeanie made. We shall see how well that works in a few weeks.

And now, Promethean notes. Players, stay out.

Last time, a lot of talk with Matt about getting his fire rekindled (or not), and we ended up with him deciding that he needs a leap of faith. I don't know what form that might take, of course; it's entirely possible that the player will decide to literally jump off of something. Basically at this point I just want him involved in the process, but I think it's also relevant to consider the Principle, engaging with the Pilgrimage, and (since he's following the Ascetic Role) becoming some kind of teacher to other Prometheans. Of course, it'd also be interesting if he decided that he just didn't get electrocuted enough last time he tried that (which was here). I'd actually be fine with that reigniting his fire but blacking out the city; that'd make for a fun way to introduce Red, if nothing else. So, nothing but possibilities.

Also, Matt and Feather were going to meet with Parris Mick today. I'm gonna say that Parris only completed 5 Refinements, wound up Broken after she completed her Great Work, and has no particular memory of her life as a Promethean. She does, however, have a copy of her Ramble, which she painted over (the painting itself is an abstract, but her Ramble is under it; the painting is title "Pentimento" which should be a gigantic clue, but I can have someone make an Academics roll). Her greatest regret is the refugee camp, but that's also her greatest source of pride.

Grimm, since the player is going to be absent, leaves a note saying "gone death-defyin'" or whatever. He's after the Daredevil Role, but the milestone he'd get for that is a little esoteric. Ooh, but I definitely think that following Red might be a good way to get him there. So let's leave that for now.

Instead, we're gonna say that he got an invite from Justine to go and get coffee. Now, Justine is not actually in town; this is the angel with the jangly coat (the one that met Skip in the Underworld). Its mission is to draw out the demon, but it can't track the demon successfully because it keeps getting hung up on the Prometheans. So, instead, it's decided to dissect one of the Prometheans and see how it works. Hence Grimm. Good, that's fine (and I'll have to stat the angel but I don't have to do it right now).

What else? I think that's basically all the loose ends for right now. I still need to stat that alligator-sublimatus, but they don't even know that's a thing yet.