Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Promethean: Translatin' Like Whoa

Not a terribly exciting title, I guess.

So, last time, the characters were heading from Enoch's place (surrounded by crazy typhoon storm) to Feather's place in Skokie. They needed juice, though, so they snuck down to the rail lines to grab the third rail.

Everyone juiced up...except for poor Matt. His fire was still out, and he looked a zombie having a bad day, he was so torn up. He grabbed on to Feather as she shocked herself, but it hurt, so he let go. It seemed to be helping, though, so Feather grabbed him, holding on (though he tried to get away) until he was fully healed.

Healing him, though, did nothing for his Fire. Feather held on a little longer, and this trigger an Elpis Vision. The light grew between them, but rather than fall into it and chase the vision, Matt let Feather do that.

She saw herself behind a glass screen, watching a throngmate (she wasn't sure which one) getting stalked by monsters with claws. She yelled a warning, but the throngmate ignored her. Finally, she smashed through the screen and jumped in front of the throngmate, to protect him/her.

The characters talked a bit about how to help Matt. Feather thought that she could treat Matt as a new Tammuz, burying him in mud and raising him anew, but no one was sure what that would do. The others offered to each donate a bit of their Fire to restart his, but Matt refused - he said that he would just carry on and have faith that his Fire would reignite on its own.

With that in mind, Feather let go of Matt, and the Prometheans headed above ground to Skokie. Once there, Avalon wrote out a few pages of the missing notes, and Feather used her Community of Power Distillation to make Grimm's Translator's Eye Distillation a teamwork action. They burned through the first couple of pages. The very first words were: caveat lector.

The rest, though, was a discussion about Maxwell Clarke, the vampiric Prince of Chicago. How he came to power, his methods, and so on. Then the focus shifted to Max Maury, the monster in the Undercity, and how someone ought to burn him, but doing that would be really dangerous. The characters realized they were looking at notes assembled across years dealing with the vampires of Chicago - no wonder someone had stolen it.

They figured out that there was a tag at the top of the pages they'd translated that meant "vampires." This document, then, talked about more than just the bloodsuckers. They skipped to the last page, and read an account of how Calogero had gone to the Undercity as a mortal, but had been stopped by an angel. Something, he wrote, was down there, something big that ground the bodies of the missing for its fuel.

By now it was dark, so Feather secured the place - drew the blinds, locked the windows, and so on. Everyone else went to sleep, and Grimm had a vision. He saw himself walking through a desert, and came to a place where the road forked - one way led up through the complex, rocky foothills, the other through the flat, simple riverbanks. He walked down the riverbank and saw people rafting, and a raft drifted to the shore with a lifejacket and a space for him. They offered him a lift, and he considered his first impluse: To refuse and shove the boat back into the current without him...but that'd be a very Copper thing to do, wouldn't it?

Feather, meanwhile, heard a noise at the window. She investigated, and saw, out in the parking lot, a man wearing nightsight goggles. She woke everyone up, and Avalon used her Stone Alembic to make the windows too heavy to open. Then she used The Soul in the Software to send a little bolt-fly out to investigate. She failed the Stealth roll, though, and true to form, the player took the Beat for a dramatic failure.

She buzzed close enough to hear them talking about the people inside. "Four people, maybe five. One looks dead." And then everything went black - someone had grabbed her and tossed her into a bag. "You guys need to pay more attention," said a voice.