Sunday, January 22, 2017

New Game: Chill 3rd Edition (Boise)

So, yesterday the group that was playing Headspace met up again, at last (it's been like 4 months). We decided that we'd rather start something new than continue with Headspace, but that's no knock against +Mark's excellent game, it's just that our schedules didn't synch up for freaking ever and we've kinda lost the thread.

I pulled out three possibles: Chill, Werewolf: The Forsaken, and Hollow Earth Expedition. My group went for Chill, which of course suits me fine. We pulled out SAVE and the Chill core (and some Edges & Drawbacks from the forthcoming Monsters book, sssh) and got to makin' an HQ.

The players liked the idea of dealing with the Unknown in a rural setting, but wanted to have the HQ set in a population center, so they chose Boise, ID as the HQ site. The Boise HQ is a ranch, long owned by the Adams family (not Addams Family), who have been part of SAVE for generations. Then, back in the 1950s, Eli Adams inherited the ranch and went whole-hog into the Red Scare. He leased much of the land to the government and they built a missile silo. Fast forward to now; the silo's been decommissioned, the HQ lost touch with SAVE during Project Lifeboat but has now reconnected using Nejem's methods (so it's a cell), and Eli's sister "Auntie Dee" Adams has inherited the ranch.

The ranch isn't really a functioning ranch; there are a few animals around, but they're mostly for show. The place acts as a very small B&B during the season, and employs a small staff. As for the SAVE part of things, it's got a panic room (the old missile control room), it's peaceful as hell (Tranquility Quality), it's well-appointed and has an on-staff masseuse (Darnell Stafford; he's a former EMT, Army medic, and he's dealing with ongoing PTSD from his time in Iraq), and Eli's daughter Ruth Adams and her no-account boyfriend Chet Barnes help maintain the place.

No shortage of Unknown issues out here, too! The cell has dealt with an abandoned orphanage; kids were playing out there, getting possessed by something, and going to recruit others. They resolved that issue, but they feel like the real issue hasn't been fixed. Likewise, there's a wolf out there that just won't die. It shows up near the ranch sometimes, someone shoots it, and it just comes back with new scars. Also, there's a sasquatch somewhere in the woods nearby that is still alive...

Into all this, we have a few active SAVE envoys (that is, PCs) in the Boise HQ:

  • "Auntie Dee" Adams: Played by Jess. No one's sure what he real first name is, and no one really wants to ask. Dee owns the ranch and the property, having inherited it from her brother Eli. She's in her mid 60s, but still very much an active envoy. Her Drive is for Jesus (and my past, but mostly Jesus). Indeed, she has a little whippet mix she calls "Baby Jesus."
  • Dylan Reeves, played by Mike. Dylan is from San Diego, and was visiting his brother in Boise while a college student. They went into the woods with some friends, and that's when the wolf attack, tearing a classmate apart in front of them. His brother has been missing ever since. He transferred to Boise, finished his degree, and got a job at Boise as a prof. His Drive, of course, is to find his brother
  • Edward Potter, played by Rob. Edward is a filmmaker. He made a horror movie about a vampire-like creature called a penanggalan, which did very well...until an actual penanggalan came after him. He shot it out of the air, but isn't remotely hopeful that he killed it. He wound up joining SAVE, because the Unknown brought the fight to me, now I bring it to them
  • Jeanette "Jeanie" LeClerc, played by Michelle. Jeanie is descended from French fur traders, and she's an outdoorsy sort of person herself. She drove off a sasquatch that was attacking hikers, and eventually found her way to SAVE. She takes care of a lot of the maintenance and repair on the ranch. Her Drive is that people need rescued
  • Basil "BB" Bottomley, played by Sarah. Our favorite lovable Australian bounty hunter made his way out here from LA chasing a jumped bailed and decided to stay a while. The rugged countryside reminds him a little of home, but with fewer deadly spiders. His Drive, of course, is that everyone deserves justice
And that'll do it! Next month: Our first case!