Saturday, February 11, 2017

Prometheans in the Big Easy

Gotta start doing these the day after. Long week, though.

Anyway! Last time the characters got to the New Orleans, fought some Pandorans, met Sicky, met Charon, and so forth. This time...

They wake up in the little hovel that Sicky found for them, an abandoned storefront, as Enoch arrives. Enoch had stopped off to visit a demiurge outside of town, someone who had made a Frankenstein (while Enoch hasn't; he's trying to make one of each Lineage, remember). They had a nice little chat about using heat from a crematorium to provide the necessary energy, and then Enoch arrives in New Orleans.

That morning, the owner of the building, Beth Mortaine, comes to visit. Matt immediately recognizes that she's in stage 2 Disquiet, probably from Sicky. She tells Sicky he's got rent to pay, and Sicky begs off, but Matt gives her a grand (which exhausts a lot of his walking around money) and the Prometheans promise that they'll fix the place up, clean it, and paint it so Beth can sell it. They head out and hit a Home Depot to buy supplies (which depletes the rest of Matt's cash, but Skip and Enoch both have Resources, so that's good). Feather looks around the Home Depot for Pilgrim Marks, but doesn't find any.

They head back to the storefront and start working on cleaning it up. They work on that for a few hours, and then talk to Sicky about the Promethean camp and who was there. Sicky mentions that he was surprised that the Pandoran was able to attack Avalon in the sculpture garden - he thought there was some kind of field in place that prevented it. The Prometheans decide that's worth a look. First they decide to go talk to Parris Mick, formerly the Promethean known as Papillion. She's apparently become human, completing her Great Work. Since Avalon already talked to her, they figure it should be one of the others, and Matt is one of the more adept socially (also he's not causing Disquiet since his fire is out). Feather goes with him.

They talk with Parris, and Matt claims to be writing an article for a local arts magazine. They talk about her work in the sculpture garden, but her memory seems hazy. She does agree to talk with them more the next day, though.

They wander around the place and find a planter. Someone has dug up something made of obsidian and wire, and smashed it. Avalon looks over the shards and figures it might have been shaped like a butterfly. Holding the shards, the characters get a sense of sadness and longing, like something precious has been lost. The Prometheans split up and search through the gardens for more Pandorans, and indeed, they all get jumped. A couple of them are injured, but they manage to destroy the monsters before they do any real damage.

As its now night, they decide to go find Charon, since a couple of them need electrical healing. They introduce him to Enoch, and Charon closes a hole on one of their pants (Enoch, I think?). He also tells Skip that now that he thinks about it, he doesn't know that fella with all the jangly charms, but something made him think he did. Probably Skip should be wary.

They head back to the hovel. Interspersed with all of this, too, they've been talking with Matt about his absent Divine Fire and what they might do about that. Matt isn't sure that he wants his Fire back - if he's not causing Wastelands, and he's not causing Disquiet, why, it's like being human, isn't it? The others aren't sure, though, and Matt goes upstairs, lays down, and forces an Elpis Vision.

In the Vision, he sees himself walking into the sun, but it's muted, dull, he's done it before. He's walking in the desert, but he's worn a rut in his path. And up ahead, he sees a cliff, and he knows the only ways are back the way he came or over the cliff. He awakens knowing that he needs to move forward. He needs a leap of faith.

And downstairs, the others realized that a Wasteland has started. Matt apparently still has enough Fire to create one.