Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Blades in the Dark: Sssssh, We Have a Boat

Last night was Blades! No actual blades were employed. Weird.

So, last time, the crew set up a score meant to give themselves a cover operation. This time, they carried that out.

The crew of the weird surveyor boat comes ashore to eat in Nightmarket, and the scoundrels are ready. Cage and One-Eye go aboard while Siren and Copper stand lookout. I got a critical on the engagement roll, lucky fuckers, so before anyone goes aboard, they note one crew member leave after the others and sneak into a bar for a drink.

One-Eye and Cage find a map nailed to the outside wall of the cabin. They study it briefly, and note a number of markings in the canals around Doskovol, as well as three out in the bay that seem familiar - they're roughly where the crew dropped those bells. One-Eye employs an alchemical method of duplication for the map (she spreads a thick, stretchy stuff over it that holds an image), and then they slip into the cabin to try and find the papers they need.

The cabin is something of a mess - desks and paperwork. One-Eye, though, as a creative herself, knows that you don't put papers you'll need at a moment's notice with your ongoing projects, and finds the ID papers in a box nailed to the wall. She tries to use the putty trick to duplicate them, but the papers have been treated with something that starts to react to the putty, so she pulls it off.

Cage, fortunately, has brought a different method - a lantern and flash-powder arrangement that can copy written stuff onto paper. They don't need an exact copy, after all, just something with enough detail that One-Eye can fake it.

Outside, Siren and Copper note the flashes from the cabin and figure it must be going well. They see the guy in the bar come out and make for the boat. Copper tries to intercept him and get him chatting, but he's not interested, so she coldcocks him to put him out. Problem is, Button then assumes it's time to fight, and jumps on the guy. Copper manages to pull him off before he kills the poor sucker, and Siren drags him to an alley out of sight.

Cage and One-Eye finish making the copies and are about to head out, Cage notes some drawings that catch his eye. They appear to be connections between some of the marked points in the city, drawn into Tycherosi runes. These are the kinds of the things you might use to summon something, perhaps. He makes some copies...

...which, of course, has given the rest of the crew enough time to come back from lunch. Thinking quickly, Siren gets in their way and tries to act sick, and when that doesn't work, she loses her lunch on their shoes. This gets their attention, and one of them tosses her a coin to make her go away.

Copper, meanwhile, helps the guy in the alley back to the boat, apologizes for her dog, and pays the guy a coin for his understanding. He probably wasn't supposed to be drinking on the job anyway, so he doesn't say anything.

Cage and One-Eye take the opportunity to hop off the boat, and the crew all walks away. They head back to the hideout, and One-Eye gets to work on her forgery. Cage, of course, starts doing some research, and recruits Siren and Copper to help out.

At the end of the day, though, he's not entirely sure what's happening here. It could be that this boat is looking into the desecrated hollows in the canals, the disturbance in the Void Sea, or both. He is able to determine, though, that the Church of Ecstasy seems to be behind it.

The scoundrels do some downtime stuff; training, vice indulging, and whatnot. Cage presents his theory to Lord Penderyn to try and get back into his good graces, while One-Eye anchors her new eye with bone screws. Copper trains Button to only attack on command, since this has been a problem before. The Fog Hounds push against the crew, trying to suck up some of their clients, but they push back, not wanting to cede ground.

And then the crew decides that they going to take the job they've been avoiding for months: Stealing deathseeker crow eggs from the Spirit Wardens. They contact Grull and find that the job is still open; a couple of other crews have tried and failed, though, so security might be tight. The scoundrels do some research and figure that the best way in is directly into the rookery via zipline. One-Eye mixes up some alchemical goo to hold the eggs safely (they're no good broken, and they have to be to Grull within an hour), and they figure they'll zip in from a taller building across the street, grab the eggs, anchor the line to a lower point, zip out, and meet Grull near Clerk Street.

This is the most complicated job they've taken in a while, and they're happy to be stealin' and smugglin' again. Next time, we'll see how it goes.