Tuesday, August 7, 2018

A Week Ago, We Played Blades

Dammit. I really meant to do this before we left for GenCon Ah, well.

So! Last time, the scoundrels did some stabbing with their blades in the dark. This time, they kinda took it easy; we didn't start a new score, just did a bunch of prep.

Part of the issue is that the heat is very much in Saigon Doskovol; the crew's wanted level is high and they're trying to avoid spending a year in prison. They decide to take a couple of months off, spending some coin to take some downtime action. Copper lowers the Heat level a bit, while One-Eye works on installing and calibrating her new eye. Cage works to get back in Lord Penderyn's good graces, and Siren does some training.

From there, the crew starts to look at how to expand their operation. They toy with the notion of finally dealing with Cricket and getting a luxury fence, with expanding the Ruby and getting a tavern, with expanding their turf, or with finding a cover operation. Given that their exploits of late have gotten loud, they decide to pursue the latter.

They talk about muscling in on a goat-carriage operation like the one that Copper's cousin runs. They ask Grull about it (Grull is a cabbie and he works for someone, but he's tight-lipped about whom), and he mentions that taking over such an operation isn't hard, if you're willing to be mean about it. They also hear about a strange new boat that's out on the canals, that no one is messing with.

The crew spends some time following and investigating this boat, and in their information gathering they learn that it seems to be surveying - it's taking samples and readings in places in the canals where the currents are strange. The crew discusses a few options; some of them don't want to mess with it (Cage's contact Flint says that it might be a conspiracy with powerful people above it, or it might just be basic government stuff that takes years to do its study and never pans out), while others figure that having a boat that no one messes with because it's beneath their notice might be useful.

At the end of the day, they decide it's worth a look, so they decide to forge (or steal) the papers that the boat is using. They discover that the staff disembarks to eat in Nightmarket, and choose that as their point of infiltration. Next time, we'll see how that plays out.