Thursday, April 26, 2018

Blades in the Dark: Moonlit Waters

Except there's no moon in Duskwall. Ah, well.

The scoundrels, coming off their exciting demon bag heist, consider their options. One-Eye goes up into Crow's Foot and talks with Sethla, her drug connection in the Red Sashes, and tries to learn a bit more about their target (Mylera Klev). Klev's an art collector and so having a fence like Cricket might compel her to do business with the crew (which, One-Eye figures, might get them closer to being able to kill or deal with her), but Sethla says that Cricket deals with the Hive pretty much all the time (in game, they'd need to actually recruit Cricket).

Copper meets Griggs, the gondolier, and he tells her the Gondoliers have a job for them. Simple enough, just take some iron bell out into the sea past the Docks and dump them into the drink at precise locations. Oh, and they have to remain in crates with sparkcraft tech, otherwise something bad will happen. What, Copper asks? Griggs isn't sure, but he's been told they won't explode. Copper presses him a bit and he reveals this has something to do with the hollows they were pulling out of the canal. In fact, said hollows are now washing up on the Docks, and they figure this arrangement will allow them to gather more info, maybe even repel the hollows.

One-Eye, on her way home, gets stopped by Sercy, a woman from the Grinders (speaking Skovic, which of course One-Eye doesn't appreciate). The Grinders have a job for the crew, too - they want them to transport a specter (contained, obviously) from Nightmarket to the Docks. They're pretty obviously looking to use this thing as a weapon. One-Eye says she'll think about it.

The crew convenes and talks about their options; they'd also been thinking about dealing with the gambling den. Copper pushes for the bell-job, though, since for one thing, the weather anomalies and the hollows are affecting them, too (or will), and besides, how often do they get to save Duskwall? Cage waffles a little (he wants to make sure they get paid), but this does seem to be somewhat time-sensitive. One-Eye and Copper go and talk to Griggs again and press him for a bit more information, but he doesn't know much more to tell them - the bells are heavy, iron, and have to be kept apart using sparkcraft. They're meant to set up a kind of repulsion field for the hollows, and yes, the crew will absolutely get paid. They decide to take the job.

They load up the bells on the boat and I got a critical on the engagement roll, so they're cheerfully chugging out to sea before things get weird. They find the first site, disconnect the sparkcraft, and dump it over (Copper notices the metal objects on her body get pulled toward the bell, but nothing she can't handle). It starts clouding up as they head to the second site.

At the second site, things get decidedly weird. As they're disconnecting the sparkcraft, they hear a thump on the boat, and realize that corpses are climbing up onto it. They fight them off as best they can, but Siren winds up pinning Cage's sleeve to the boat stabbing one, and then shoots one just as Copper shoves the bell into the drink (which nearly drags her down, but she recovers). Siren's spark-pistol manages to shut off the last bell's protective field, but by now it's the only one on the boat so it's not a big problem. However, due to circumventing a consequence, she winds up Traumatized, and sits down, staring at the bell, a song in her head that she can't shake (she's haunted).

The others navigate to the last site and dump the bell in, and notice it hits something before sinking. An immense creature leaps out of the water and smashes the waves hard enough to shake the boat, but by now One-Eye is putting pedal to metal back to Duskwall. Cage shoots the creature and winds up drenched in its blood, but shakes off the ill effects.

They get back to town and hit the canals, where the Gondoliers escort them home and pay them. During downtime, most of them train and indulge, and Cage tries to figure out what happened to Siren. He Attunes and hears the song, but can't quite make out the words. Some of them sound Tycherosi, though. The Grinders try to muscle in on their operations a bit and the crew shoves back, gaining a bit more Heat but not losing Rep.

The crew decides that they want to nail down this gambling den issue, but they don't want to try and take it from Ulf forcefully. They instead invite him to a night of fun at the Ruby, figuring they'll charm him into giving up the Island. That'll be the next op: A social score, for a crew that really doesn't do social stuff.