Friday, June 8, 2018

One-Shot Notes: AASES

I'm running a one-shot tonight because my son, asked what he'd like to do for this 10th birthday, said he'd like to play a roleplaying game. So that warms my little heart, but I should do some game prep.

I'm setting this game at the Academy of Advanced Science and Esoteric Students, or AASES ("aces") for short. It's your basic elementary/middle school that teaches you about superscience, sorcery, steampunk, and hygiene. The mascot is the Corgis (GO CORGIS!) because the school was started by a family of cowherds.

The history of the school is long an illustrious, but I don't have time to get into that right now.

Anyway, our four characters are Bing (the corgi mascot, uplifted by magic and fitted with a collar that lets him talk); Brass (the statue that stood in the front of the school, and finally got bored and started going to class); Wanda (the transfer student from James K. Polk Middle School who discovered she has a natural gift for magic, but keeps accidentally breaking the rules of AASES - hey, they're hard to keep straight!); and Chip (mad scientist/roboticist who makes little steampunk machines).

So we've got three students and the mascot. The players include two younger folks, but it's really Cael I need to keep interested. They've played FAE before, though I wouldn't be terribly surprised if Teagan and Cael don't quite remember how it goes.

I think it'd be fun to start off in medias res after Bing has gotten loose and a search party has been formed to find him. The three other characters find him having fallen down a hole, and I can give them a chance to figure out how to get him out, but there's a tunnel in the hole leading to...somewhere! (At this point I can compel Bing or Brass to go down the hole, probably even Chip if I hit Too Smart for My Own Good.)

So where's the hole go? I think it'd be fun to have it lead to a chamber created by the founders of AASES (Dr. Lucinda Bramblefort-Meyer and her wife, Dr. Greta Meyer-Bramblefort). The chamber contains all of the science-fair (and superscience fair) and magical diorama projects from the first 50 years of students. There is a lot of magic bouncing around down here, but it's been contained up to now by the Mecha-Herd (they would have made minotaurs but they disagreed on how the locomotion would have worked so they compromised).

BUT. Also down here are some kids from James K. Polk Middle School! They're trying to get into the place to steal some magic, and that runs the risk of letting the herd loose!



1) Finding Bing and going down the hole
2) Finding the room and exploring it; someone triggers the cattle
3) Running from/corralling the cattle
4) Encountering the kids from JKPMS/Bleach
5) Social/magical duel 
6) Conclusion



Aspects: Mechanical Cattle, Armored Hide
Skilled at: Charging, Stamping, Snorting
Bad at: Being Quiet, Being Careful
Stress: 2 (immune to mental stress)

Kids from JKPMS

Aspects: Pre-Teens With Something to Prove, Go Rangers!
Skilled at: Being Aloof, Internet References
Bad at: Foresight
Stress: 1 


Aspects: Pre-Teen Captain of the Soccer Team, Secretly Magical, Long-Lost Bramblefort
Careful +2, Clever +1, Flashy +3, Forceful +1, Quick +2, Sneaky +0
Stunts: Taunts: +2 to Flashily attack (mental stress) when backed up by at least two classmates
Magic: +2 to Forcefully attack (physical stress) after taken stress or a consequence