Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Promethean: Roles upon Roles

Monday night was Promethean. So!

Last time was a while ago, but we rejoin our throng taking a couple of days to focus on their own projects.

Skip spends the time working on the building and sparring with Grimm.

Grimm, for his part, is trying to pursue the fermentatio milestone. He believes that he can accomplish it by forcing himself to become more human using the Vitriol he's earned, but the trick is that he hasn't earned any in a while. He talks with Enoch about this, and Enoch notes that a lot of times, coming to understand why you were created and the circumstances under which it happens is important. Grimm considers this, and calls up Rosa (the demiurge who created him) and they talk a little about her reasons, but nothing Grimm didn't already know. Grimm does a little research on his own, and learns that the five guys whom Rosa used to create him were a group of criminals who were trying to blow their way into a bank vault. They overestimated the explosive charge, though, and the wall collapsed on them, killing them. Grimm forces an Elpis vision (yeah, normally it's once a story, but fuck it) and feels what those men felt. He learns, too, that Skip will be important on the next stage of his Pilgrimage - he sees himself charging through an open portal into he-knows-not-where, and Skip warning him off. He jumps anyway. When his vision clears, he's Shaken (side-effect of Residual Memory) and he's achieved a milestone: use an Elpis vision to learn about his component bodies.

Enoch gets to working on the obsidian butterfly, the one that was formerly an Athanor created by Papillion and that is now in pieces, thanks to Red (you've been following the story so far and so that makes sense, right?). He figures he can make it work again, but he's going to use his knowledge of electronics and metallurgy to bind it together. He makes some progress, but it's slow (because +Matthew Karafa has this amazing thing going where if he's rolling more than 7 dice, he only ever gets 1 success, which is weird). Grimm pestering him about milestones probably doesn't help.

Matt, likewise, is working on his dictionary of Pilgrim Marks. He gets as far as he can (in game terms, he runs out of rolls for the extended action), but it still doesn't feel done. He needs to find a different approach if he's going to finish this Role.

Feather, on the other hand, hits her new typewriter, jacks up her Manipulation with Pyros, spends a shitload of Willpower, buys a dot of Expression, and rocks out on her Ramble. She types up the history of the camp and finishes it up with her own Ramble (to this point). It's a parable about the Pilgrimage, that being strong and carrying on is the best way to approach it, because it takes you in places you didn't know you could go. She talks about Papillion/Parris Mick, Cassius, Sicky, and herself, and completes her Chronicler Role with the milestone create a parable including the Rambles of a Redeemed, dead, and active Promethean. She switches over to Pilgrim, not really knowing where else to go right now.

Finally, Avalon takes a whole bunch of drugs and gets back to work, finishing up her painting with just enough successes. She delivers it to Carroll, who asks why Ysolde's face is kept to the shadows, and Avalon says that it's because she can't quite let Ysolde go...but she needs to find a way. Carroll suggests tracking her down and telling her, but Avalon isn't sure where she is. In doing all this, Avalon completes her Craftsman Role, with the milestone complete a work on commission. She figures next, she'll try and learn about sin and deviance, but that requires a way to learn Cobalus.

The characters met up in the evening and talk about their days and their plans, and they decide to go out and get po' boys (Avalon's treat, since Carroll paid for the painting). They head to a food truck and sit on the curb eating, and Matt points out that they had planned on letting Sicky into the throng officially. Matt, having recently learned the Prime the Vessel Alembic (remember he achieved the Ascetic Role last session) does so, and Sicky hugs everyone.

The Prometheans head for home, and Grimm smells smoke down the block. He calls for the others, and they discover Parris' building on fire - smoke coming out the top floor. Grimm shoots the lock and rushes upstairs with Avalon and Matt. He kicks in the door and gets caught in the backblast, but manages to get Parris and hand her off to Matt. Grimm uses his Ignis Aspiratus Alembic to quell the fire, and looks around a bit. The point of origin seems to be the bedroom; something blew in the windows and then everything caught fire.

The cops and fire department are on scene, including Peter, the detective who was flirting with Feather a few nights ago (and who looks familiar to Grimm, too). He takes her statement and then asks her out, and Feather agrees (with encouragement from Avalon). Grim and Matt are taken to the hospital; Grimm heads back, but Matt decides to stay with Parris in case she wakes up.

Back at the storefront, Grimm remembers where he saw Peter - he was the vampire he saw feeding in the alley the night of the blackout. Feather isn't convinced, but is willing to go on the date, in any case (just maybe stay somewhere public).

At the hospital, Parris wakes up and Matt talks with her. She remembers seeing her bedroom windows burst inwards and tendrils like heat shimmers reach in, and then burst into flames. She has no idea what happened and she didn't see anyone. Matt leaves and heads back to the others, but learns en route that they're going to Charon, so he joins them there.

At said storefront, the throng decides that some of them need some juice. Grimm, Avalon, and Matt are going to see Charon and go across the river. Skip heads to the hospital to look after Parris, while Feather, Sicky, and Enoch stay at the house (letting Enoch work on his Athanor project some more).

Charon is waiting for them, and tells them that his own sources have revealed that it was Red who burned Parris' flat. He's also been implicated in several local cases of ectophagia, and that's upsetting the supernatural community. Several folks want to have a sit-down with the throng, which will probably take a night or two to arrange. So the throng has that to look forward to.

At the hospital, Parris shifts in her sleep as Skip watches over her. "Nergal?" she whispers.