Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Promethean: Chats in the Swamp

Last time, which was a while ago, there was some light death and chopping. This time, the characters had stuff to do.

Enoch, Skip, Feather, and Matt took Barbara and stopped by the power line that Sicky had showed them, and then headed out to the remains of the camp. Barbara and Matt started fixing up Barbara's old shack; Matt, reasonably, decided that having this as a backup hovel might be wise. He also talked to Barbara about her Pilgrimage. She wasn't really sure where to go next, having been on Stannum (and chasing the Gator) for so long, and asked Matt about where he'd been. He talked about going out to California and learning who he'd been before (that is, his body's history), and that he found some value in that. He'd been started on that path because a librarian had recognized him waaaaaay back in New Mexico. Barbara noted that she'd never really tried to be out among people, focusing on learning about herself as a Promethean first. Matt, on the other hand, did it the other way: started among people and then self-focused. Barbara decided it was time to learn more about humans (switching to the Refinement of Gold), and Matt made a milestone (help a Promethean choose a new Refinement) and completed his Ascetic Role. He decided to switch to Chronicler and finish the Pilgrim Mark dictionary he was working on, figuring that would dovetail nicely with Feather's work.

Feather, meantime, dove into the swamp, using her Saturninus Transmutations to focus on the Pilgrim Marks. She found a bunch of them, noting parts of the camp, but also found on reading "this place is doomed." She had an Elpis Vision, and saw that all of these Marks were stories and Rambles and she'd learned a lot about them, but what was she doing with that information? She resurfaced with a new sense of purpose.

Skip, standing guard while Feather dove, was wondering about his own path. He'd completed the Soldier Role, but wasn't sure where to go next. He tried to force an Elpis Vision, but failed.

Back in New Orleans, Grimm called up the person that Charon had recommended to ask about "the Bound." She met him at DuMonde for coffee, and he told her about Red and what had happened. She (introducing herself as Anita) told him a little about what "Bound" meant - she was one, too. Red, upon death, had bonded with a powerful spirit. She told Grimm that the Bound were hard to kill because the spirit of death could shunt their death off onto someone else; there were consequences, but someone like Red might not care. She wondered if by having someone like Grimm or one of his compatriots, who could return from death, actually strike the death-blow, the death might not "take" and Red would stay dead. She warned him that they were in highly theoretical territory, though. She said she'd consult a source and get back to him tomorrow.

Avalon did some sketching and went to visit Carroll. He liked her drawings of monsters and body horror, but noted that Ysolde's face kept creeping in and that was where the real emotion lived. Avalon agreed, but asked for him to hit her with another Nightmare. Carroll, perhaps a little taken aback, touched her hand, and as she walked away she felt like all human interaction was fake, no one was being honest with her, and she was alone.

Grimm, back at the storefront, called Rosa, his creator. They talked for a moment he mentioned he might come see her, and as he hung up he got flickers of Elpis, but no vision. Confused, he forced a Vision, and saw that Vitriol could be used to smooth out his stitches, to push himself along on the Pilgrimage, to fix Alembics. He was close, he realized, to fermentatio, but wasn't sure how to get there.

The Prometheans headed back to the storefront and met back up with Avalon and Grimm. Avalon contacted Emil and asked for a local drug hookup (she wanted mescaline to kickstart her creative process). The throng talked about moving - since Red clearly knew where they were, maybe it was safer to move? But then, if Red came back and just found Beth, the owner, who knew what he'd do? They decided it was better to stay safe and just keep watch, and it was getting late anyway.

Grimm talked with Enoch and asked about his vision, and Enoch concurred that using Vitriol to push himself towards humanity sounded about right, given the context. Grimm needed more Vitriol for that, though.

Well, not everyone. Avalon met the dealer and bought her tabs, and then got a little sleep as Feather typed away on her new typewriter, writing up the history of the camp (Matt collaborated on Pilgrim Marks). Grimm and Enoch slept, but Skip was upstairs, trying again to force a vision. He failed again, and, frustrated, he punched a beam. Of course, Skip is ridiculously strong, and cracked it, and the whole roof shifted.

Everyone woke up, and Avalon used her Fortification Distillation to fix it; it would still need some shoring up. Skip was in Torment and probably about to punch something else, but Matt used his knowledge of Saturninus to resolve the Torment and calm Skip the hell down. He then took Skip on a walk and dressed him down a bit; Skip was frustrated because he didn't know where to go and he wasn't getting any guidance, but Matt pointed out that maybe trying to do something different - something creative - was key. Skip got everyone coffee and beignets, and apologized to the throng, which it turned out was a milestone for him.

Now unable to sleep, Avalon popped a whole bunch of pills and got to work. She worked until sunrise, and though her masterpiece isn't done, it's taking shape.