Monday, July 10, 2017

Night's Black Agents: Pear-Shaped As Usual

Yay, vampires in a chair! This session was the end of the op.

So, last time, the agents captured Dierke Essert and strapped him to a chair. Figuring they only had a limited time to experiment before someone came looking for him, they got on that (or rather, had their friendly scientists Koltay and Sedillo get on that).

Sedillo told the agents that Essert was alive - they'd been thinking of the vampires as dead (since, y'know, vampires) but really he was a biologically alive organism. He needed to eat, drink, excrete, and so forth. She theorized that these vampires could even reproduce sexually. She also noted that there was a genetic marker and that she could verify someone was a vampire with a DNA test. Parker asked if this was a parasite living in a person, but Sedillo said no, it was actually a new creature. The creature might be able to access the human body's memories, but the human being was gone.

She later gave them a new discovery - there was two distinct species of what the agents had been calling "masters." She called them "hot" and "cold," just for ease of distinction. Essert was cold, whereas Simon Thibault had been hot. She wasn't sure about others, but she was able to note that the serum that killed Thibault would have that effect on a hot one, but almost not effect on a cold (like Essert). From that, they could deduce that Jones had been hot, and so, probably, was Kingsilver. Likewise, the formula they'd use on the vampire that had made it lock up and seize probably wouldn't have much effect on a hot one, but it was hard to know without data.

That was kinda the theme - Sedillo could make all kinds of tests, but she was working from a limited sample size. She did show MacAteer (who has a bunch of technical skill) how to manufacture poisons and the like. All they needed was the materials.

Koltay, meanwhile, said he was no longer sure what the collar's function was. He'd thought it had been for strengthening the vampire's tentacles, encouraging faster development, but now he wasn't sure.

Through all this, Ess was worried about their next move. The agents talked it out, and decided to have MacAteer's contacts (Snug and Christian) get a helicopter and a case of weapons in to the nearest airport. MacAteer and Gambone went into the city to sort that out, while Ess rented snowmobiles to allow for a secondary means of escape.

At the airport, MacAteer noted that their contact, showing them the helicopter, seemed nervous. He opened the hangar door and MacAteer noted someone in the helicopter. Rather than start a fight, they aborted and walked away, but while going through the airport, they realized they were being followed.

The split up. Gambone ducked into an employees only area, waiting for the dude to follow him, and beat him to death with a fire extinguisher (Weapons is his MOS). MacAteer ducked into a bathroom to disguise himself (which is his MOS), but got made by a guy holding up his jacket as he walked out. MacAteer knocked the guy following him out, but followed up with a punch to drop him, and wound up getting arrested.

Gambone, still untouched, walked out of the airport and headed for a strip bar to await further instructions. The agents sent Hanover down to the airport to pose as MacAteer's lawyer, and wound up getting him sprung before anyone figured out his real name (which would have been bad). But that left Parker and Ess alone at the chalet.

They suddenly realized their cell phones weren't working, and heard an incoming helicopter. They packed up everything they could, chopped off Essert's tentacles and set him on fire, and took off on snowmobiles. The helicopter landed and they saw Kingsilver get out, flanked by three guards. They headed down the road on the snowmobiles (the guards shot at them, but missed), and then blew the charges, burying both the house and the road. They weren't sanguine that this would kill Kingsilver, but it should slow her down.

They got to the bottom of the mountain, met up with the others, and headed into Munich. From there, they sent Sedillo, Koltay, and the samples back to London, and pondered their next move. They were curious about Lithuania - they knew Essert had sent a panic code there, but didn't have a target there. Figuring that might be their best bet to learn something new, they headed northeast toward Vilnius.