Sunday, June 25, 2017

Night's Black Agents: Gotcha!

Yesterday we began a new op in Night's Black Agents. Join us, won't you?

The agents decided they'd take on Dierk Essert, probably the softest target they had as far as known vampires. To do that, they found his getaway in the Alps, and lured his staff away. Then they took the place over.

The place had a panic room, so they painstakingly broke in (figuring, correctly, that getting in roughly would trigger an alarm that would alert Essert. Inside, they found a gun, some cash, and some preserved blood, which seemed to put to rest any question of whether or not he was in fact a vampire. They rigged the room so that they could open it from the outside, and so that they could raise the ambient temperature up to 110 degrees. They also constructed a chair that they felt could hold a vampire. Finally, the put explosive charges up that would cause an avalanche to bury the house (if they needed to wipe out evidence) or make the road impassable.

Having done that, Parker called upon an MI-6 contact in London to help smuggle Drs. Koltay and Sedillo out of England and into Germany, which involved Hanover forging passports, but that's kinda what he does. Finally, they figured they were ready.

MacAteer, still in Berlin, caused a distraction (which we kind of abstracted because his player was absent), which sent Essert running for the hills. A helicopter landed and three guys with assault rifles got out. Realizing that any sign of trouble would make Essert rabbit, Gambone snuck up and planted a small charge on the tail of the chopper. Blowing that, the chopper was disabled, and Hanover and Parker popped out and shot the three security guys.

Essert and the pilot got out of the chopper and Ess shot the pilot in the leg. Essert ran into the snow, running faster than he should have been able to, and the others tried to chase him down. Gambone uncovered a snowmobile (yay Preparedness!) but couldn't really use it effectively (boo no Driving!). Ess shot at Essert, but wasn't able to do enough damage. Preparedness saves the day again, though; the agents had rigged up another charge on the mountain and sent snow after Essert. Even vampires aren't that fast.

They dug him out and shot him a few times, immobilized him, and carted him back up to the house. They gave him some blood so he wouldn't die, and strapped him into the chair so that they could take samples.

Hanover found his phone and saw he'd sent panic-codes to Budapest, Belarus, and Lithuania (that last one's new). The agents figure they don't have long before someone tries to check in with this guy...but they might not need much time.