Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Feng Shui: Drunk, Edible Apes

Monday was Feng Shui. As usual, there was combat. Hi-ya!

As an amusing side note, the Feng Shui book suggests three fight scenes per session. I mentioned that to my players (we average one, maybe two if we really stay focused), and they all laughed and asked if the fights as written are lighter. I said nope, they suggest three mooks and one Featured Foe per PC. If we're supposed to get through three fights in a session, we are most definitely Doing It Wrong.

Anyway, last time the characters completed their little foray into the Wild Wild West, and now, after tromping through the Netherworld in a sequence I didn't bother to run, emerge in the dark future past the detonation of the C-bomb. Following Wu Tang, they headed for the site of the battle that claimed the life of his partner, Si Borg.

They emerged from the tall grass of the blasted plains to find a bunch of people being rounded up by apes, one of which was an orangutan driving a big truck. Tang noticed that some of the apes wore the insignia of the New Simian Army, while others wore that of the Jammers, but all of the symbols were scratched out. New faction, then? Deserters? Didn't matter - Tang yelled "Get those monkeys!" and the battle was joined.

Some of the apes opened fire with guns, while the ape in the truck (his name is Clyde) tried to run the Dragons over. Wildfire jumped on top of the cab and smashed in windshield, and meanwhile, a horrific monkey (Freak the Gibbon) with a cybernetic clawed hand jumped at Tang and slashed at him. Bai Ling faced off against a monkey with a flask of liquor (Drunky the Monkey), while a gorilla with a big freakin' gun (Smilin' Bill) shouted encouragement and took shots at the Dragons.

The monkeys got some good licks in - Freak the Gibbon quite nearly killed Wu Tang with his clawed hand, and Bill landed some solid shots on Bai and Tang. Drunky the Monkey disarmed Bai and smacked him with his own weapon, but Bai set him on fire and Drunky went screaming into the trees. Celeste threw monkeys into other monkeys with her whip, and Archer leaped on the front of the truck, trying to stop it, and then grabbed a wrench and flung it at Freak the Gibbon, stunning him.

The turning point, though, was when Wildfire finally grabbed Clyde, yanked him out of the cab of the truck, and ate him. Bill, horrified, called for the other monkeys to fire on the monster, but they kept missing. Wildfire also clawed Freak to pieces (and took really minimal damage from his Last Rally attack), and Tang grabbed Smilin' Bill and ordered him to surrender, which he did, because Bill is smart.

The Dragons locked Bill in the truck (and Bai took his gun). The humans immediately gathered around Wu Tang; one of them recognized him from a scrap of leather with artwork depicting him and Si Borg. They started chanting his name (forming a kind of clan around him, you might say). A couple of them asked Bai to teach them how to create fire. One braided red fabric into Celeste's hair, calling her "ape-slayer" (and mentioning that the apes probably would try to shoot her first, but really it's a mark of honor!).

Archer and Tang talked to Bill, and he (cheerfully) revealed his employers: The dreaded Ape Mask Replicant and Thrill Kill Mandrill. This was odd, because the Dragons had seen those folks die way back here.

The citizens asked Tang and the others to help them get to safety. They could go around the forest, which was a good six day hike, or through, which only took hours...but those woods were full of monkeys. Wu Tang chose discretion, and they set off on their walk.

They arrived at a decaying, abandoned factory of some sort, and set up camp; Tang, Bai, and Celeste slept, as they were injured. Others kept watch. And in the trees...monkey eyes glittered.

Next time: Eek ook!