Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Feng Shui, if Briefly

But first.

Historical Person You'd Like in Your Group? What Game? What does "historical" mean in this context, I wonder? Dead person? Real actual person? Celebrity? Person of historical significance? You know, they say to never meet your heroes because they're never what you think they will be, so I don't know, really.

I think I'll go with Alicia Witt (actress, she was in Urban Legends and probably some better movies, too). She's about my age, she's smart as hell, and I seemed to recall her being, if not outright geeky, then at least quirky. It'd be interesting to play something like A Tragedy in Five Acts or otherwise collaborative with her.

Anyway, Feng Shui. Recall that last time the characters killed Leon, beat up a bunch of cowboys, and removed the evil Mayor Ronnie Meyer from power. This time, they headed back to the work camp to talk to Hei.

As they walked into camp, the workers were giving Wildfire the stinkeye (because he's a cannibalistic monster or because he wears blue spurs? Hard to say). Hei talked to Bai and asked if he was OK riding with Wildfire; Bai said Wildfire had protected him battle and he was trustworthy. Hei told the Dragons that one of the important facets of being a Dragon was knowing when to show mercy...whereupon the workers attacked.

The Dragons, taking the hint, fought well but carefully. Wildfire didn't change shape, and Tang employed his patented "hit a dude with another dude" fighting style, but no one killed or caused serious injury. Mostly it was workers doing wire-fu over tents and then getting knocked into tents by Johnny's awkward flailing or Celeste's roundhouse kicking.

When it was over and the workers were picking themselves up out of the dust, Hei revealed their course of action. He told them how time passed in the junctures (that is, a day passes in one, it passes in all of them), and told them that they needed to start with the future juncture and Tang's partner, Si Borg. Si was dead, of course, but he'd kept a notebook about the Chi War, and that would hold the answers they sought.

The Dragons headed back up the mountain to find the gateway back into the Netherworld, and from there to the Future. And we'll pick this up in a month or so, after Michelle gets back from her travels.