Thursday, March 3, 2016

Feng Shui: Why Are There Monkeys?

Monday was Feng Shui, after a bit of a hiatus. Let's get to the kung fu!

Last time, our intrepid butt-kickers had a big ol' fight in a hospital, and then regrouped in what was the Dragons' hideout. They found Genomic Solutions as a company of interest, and did a bit of research. They discovered that the company specialized in brain tissue damage - and hey, Johnny Zhu had some damaged brains. They decided to go take a meeting with Dr. Phyllis Koo, the head of research.

Celeste and Lin actually met with her, since the others are a shade too outlandish for polite society. They met Koo in a big building with glassed enclosures for the test apes - apes that had been subjected to experiments and grown smarter and more interested in puzzles.

Celeste talked to Koo about her work, and mentioned that she had a friend who had fallen victim to a terrible accident and was comatose. They eventually mentioned Zhu's name, and Koo realized that she'd met him - he'd interviewed her about a company called FutureTech, which had expressed interest in buying out Genomic Solutions. Koo had refused to sell her shares, though, so FutureTech (and therefore SLA, which Celeste figured was responsible) had not finished their sale as of yet.

Meanwhile, Leon, Tang, and Do were in the car. Leon, the Sorcerer, used his Fight Finder power to find people who wanted to kill him (useful power, that). He realized that there was danger coming from the building! He and the others got out of the car and headed inside, just as the back wall exploded and a host of Ruin Runners - post-apocalyptic troops with duct tape and metal in their bodies - stormed in, led by Ape Mask Replicant and an uplifted, dangerous ape called Thrill Kill Mandrill! The battle was joined!


  • Leon flying up to the ceiling to aim Chi Blasts. 
  • Tang ripping a door off the hinges and knocking Mask and Mandrill back out the hole in the wall. 
  • Do slicing a mook in half and tossing his top half to a buddy. (Grim, man.)
  • Celeste busting out her six-shooter when he whip just wasn't cutting it. 
  • Three mook bodies getting up after being felled, reanimating as Electro-Zombies!
  • Do losing a swordfight to Madrill, who disarmed him. A gorilla grabbed the sword, but Do got it back, much to the gorilla's displeasure. 
  • Lin smashing Mandrill's force field generator, once he realized what it was. 
  • Mandrill firing red pain at Leon and Tang, nearly killing the latter. 
  • Leon vaporizing Mandrill and Ape Mask, denying Tang the pleasure of revenge (remember Ap Mask was partially responsible for killing his partner). 
  • Tang hurling a bomb that the mooks were setting onto their car, just as several of them were fleeing (boom!). 
In the rubble and aftermath, Leon worked to heal Tang (who by rights should have had a bunch of Marks of Death, but I got the system wrong so he got a pass), and the Dragons were left with more questions - who was Thrill Kill Mandrill, and why was the future trying to kill them? 

Thoughts: I really wish I'd written my own adventure. This isn't bad, but I'm having a hard time keeping the throughline in mind, because it seems really random and it doesn't really make allowances for characters from other junctures. I seriously need to read the Feng Shui book in more detail, in my copious fucking spare time.