Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Promethean: Fires and Frying Pans

So! Last time, Avalon was flying around in bolt-fly form, and then got grabbed and tossed into a bag. Oh, dear.

Feather saw this happen from the apartment. Grimm told her to open the door, and he used Chimera to turn into a pigeon. He flew out, swooped up over their car, turned into a grizzly bear, and dropped on the hood of the car.

Let that image sink in.

The three men did exactly what you would do in such a situation - ran like fuck. Matt chased one of them and tackled him. Grimm charged after the other two in bear form (bears are fast!), but when they ran out into the lighted streets, he changed back to human form and tackled one.

And then, from beside him, heard, "Freeze! Put your hands up!" Grimm was arrested (which, silver lining, turned out getting arrested is a milestone for him), handcuffed, and tossed, naked, in the back of a police car.

Meanwhile, the others rocked up on the guy that Matt had tackled, but they weren't very scary...until Avalon, having rejoined her body, used her Terrify Alembic on the guy. Panicking, he revealed who'd sent them: Devon Parker. And then he ran away.

The Prometheans chatted a bit about what that meant, and then Feather realized that Grimm was missed and was a couple of miles away. They tracked his signal, and wound up at the police station.

Meanwhile, Grimm was booked (hoping his hands didn't belong to anyone too terrible or, like, known to be dead), and placed in a room. A detective asked him what had happened, and he claimed he'd been at home with his girlfriend, naked for a good reason, and had seen someone spying through the window. He'd given chase, naked, and tackled the guy. The cop didn't quite buy it, however. Grimm gave his girlfriend's name as Robin Schwartz (Feather's alternate ID), but couldn't provide a phone number.

Feather and Avalon went into the station (since girls go places together, Avalon noted), carrying Grimm's clothes. They weren't allowed to see him, but Robin was interviewed by the detective and gave a statement. She more or less aid what he did, except that she didn't offer up the "naked" bit initially, and said that there were multiple people staring in the window with binoculars. The detective took her statement, but said that Grimm (or rather, Craig Wizowski) would be booked in the morning, and they'd need to come to the courthouse.

Meanwhile, Avalon struck up a conversation with the cop on desk duty. She also saw a very well-dressed man come in, and say "Donald Shaw, attorney for My. Billings."

The Prometheans went back to the apartment, rather dejected and pissed. Avalon mentioned the expensive attorney she'd seen, and wondered if that had any connection. Enoch tried to call Parker, but left a message with his answering service. Without anything to do, the characters waited until morning.

In said morning, Feather called the JCC (she'd been working for them) and asked for a recommendation for an attorney. They gave her a number for Jacob Siegel, who quoted a price that made Feather cough a little (but in fairness, any lawyer's retainer would have), but Enoch remembered he'd stolen a bunch of money from Calogero's warehouse and volunteered it (making a milestone, share or donate something ill-gotten). They headed to the courthouse.

Meanwhile, at the jail, Grimm was shackled and loaded into a van. He heard mumbling outside, and kicked on Somatic Humour to listen in. He heard two men talking about him in a way that made it clear that he wasn't being taken to court.

At court, the characters met with Mr. Siegel. Feather told her story again, admitting (falsely) that she and Grimm had been having sex at the time of the altercation, which clearly made her uncomfortable. Siegel said something was weird about this whole thing - someone very powerful was applying pressure, and Billings (the guy Grimm had tackled, who was now pressing assault charges) was being represented by Shaw, a mob lawyer. Siegel said he'd work to untangle this, but for now, just settle in.

But Grimm wasn't even there. He got out of the van into bright lights, and his hands and feet were locked into an iron contraption. He tried to shapeshift to get away, but failed. A hand grabbed a big-ass syringe from the table next to him....and next time, we'll figure out why.