Saturday, March 7, 2015

Chill: Session One

Last night was the first session in my Edinburgh-based game of Chill 3rd Edition. Let's watch, shall we?

Our characters and their Drives:
  • Agnes George: Older lady (63) who once had to kill a possessed friend. She fights the Unknown because no one else will
  • Ian Calhoun: Former MMA fighter who moved to Scotland and was attacked by a spectral hound, which still hunts him. He fights the Unknown because he has heroic tendencies.
  • Robert MacLelland: Hunted by demons, and sadly I don't really remember his backstory offhand, and +Matthew Karafa doesn't have notes on his sheet. I know he fights the Unknown to atone for losing her, which sounds pretty cool. 
  • Victoria "Tori" Chelsingham: Med student trying to become an intern with the coroner. She once electrocuted a ghoul, and fights the Unknown because we should not be prey
  • Kitti McNamara: Goth girl and cryptozoologist. Fights the Unknown because she's endlessly curious
So! We begin our case early one Saturday morning. Tori is having tea and studying. Agnes is having breakfast with some friends. Kitti and Robert are waking up (though not together), and Ian is working out with Annabelle Blackwood, the trainer for the local SAVE HQ. They all get a text message from Liam McAllister, their HQ leader: Head to Mortonhall Caravan Park, and meet Jordan there.

"Jordan," here, refers to Jordan McElroy, an Ediburgh coroner/ME who works with SAVE. That means someone is dead. The envoys arrive, severally, at the caravan park, to find Jordan waiting. She tells them time is a factor - she beat the police, but they're on their way. 

She shows the envoys the scene. A man is hung from some trees, about six inches off the ground, the branches wound around his arms and legs like they grew that way (that ain't natural). He's dead of blood loss - he's got several bites on him; abdomen, legs, and one good chunk out of his thigh that killed him, severing the femoral artery. Some Revulsion checks later, the characters start examining the crime scene. Ian, however, recognizes this guy - his name is Donald McGovern, and he sells weed to people...Ian included. 

Ian tracks Donald's last movements. He started out from the campsite and went into the woods, but then started running and eventually wound up in the trees. There are no other footprints, nor paw prints. Ian can't help but think to the spectral hound that nearly killed him once. 

Tori checks out the tent. She finds it disheveled; animals have been through it, but nothing violent. She finds some weed (which she leaves) and a cell phone. The phone has some pictures on it of the woods - McGovern was taking pictures of a rising fog. She sends those pictures to herself and leaves the phone. 

The envoys find McGovern's campsite. His car is there, and his tent is still pitched, but there's evidence that a second car and tent were there and were hastily removed. Kitti goes to the park's office and talks with the guy, but only learns that the inhabitants of that campsite left in a hurry in the middle of the night when the office was unmanned. The office guy isn't willing to share more information with a stranger (the player failed the Interview check so only got Vital clues). 

Tori asks around with some of the other campers. They report hearing howls in the night, and seeing a weird fog spring up - it just rolled in like a wave, and then was gone before sun rose. 

By now the police are here, so the envoys leave the scene alone. Robert eavesdrops on the police, and learns that they realize how weird the scene is, that they know McGovern is a drug dealer and they're going through known associates. Kitti, seeing the police talking to the office guy, uses her Clairvoyance discipline to listen in (which is a really cool use for that power and one I didn't think of). She learns that there were a total of six people at the campsite; the one on the paperwork is Alisha Miles. They left in the middle of the night. 

The envoys leave before police presence gets too bad. Ian calls up a friend and asks about Donald, but the dude (Ron) hangs up. Ian, offended, has Agnes drive him over (on the way, they talk about the death scene; Ian has some Trauma and Anges has the Crisis Counselor Edge, so that works out). He knocks, but Ron tells him to go away, so Ian, not the most subtle of men, goes through the door. Ron runs, but Ian tackles him and goes all Interrogation on his ass. 

Ron was there, as it turns out. Him, Alisha Miles, Donald McGovern, Angus Blackburn, Karen Brown, and Peter Wilson. They were hanging out, drinking and smoking weed, and so on, but then that fog came up. Donald snapped some pictures and walked into the woods (the others didn't), but then they heard howling, barking...and screams. 

Ron said they all fled when the screaming started. Karen and Peter headed to London to stay with friends. Angus is probably drunk somewhere. Ron was about to head out of town. Ian advises that might be wise, and leaves. 

The envoys regroup at the SAVE HQ and talk over what's happening. It's pretty clearly the spectral hound that's been terrorizing Edinburgh for a long time. Research indicates that old legends say the hound kills sinners, criminals, and the like, but that might just be the take the stories took. The envoys need more data. Ian confesses that he bought from Donald the night before he died, and he knows the hound has his scent (it's one of his takeaways, in fact). So, does that mean Ian is next? Or the other people Donald was with? The envoys need to move quickly. 

Tori and Robert decide to go to visit Jordan; she has the body on her table. Maybe it can tell them something. Kitti wants to keep doing research on the hound and the fog. Ian and Agnes decide to go pub-crawling and try and find Angus...before something else does.