Monday, August 27, 2018

Night's Black Agents: Another One Bites the Dust

(Now it's in your head.)

Saturday we played Night's Black Agents. Last time, you'll recall, the agents rescued Samir Firinci's bodyguard and assistant, from a tricky and vampire-laden situation. This time, they debrief him.

Back at Firinci's rented flat in a private hotel, Samir tells them that some men came into Mujic's house, and tore out the throats of his guards with their teeth. One of them tossed Samir against a wall and then seemingly forgot about him, and so he was able to send the text message and alert Firinci. Everything else, the agents (well, Carlsson and Firinci) had seen.

Samir goes to the bathroom to throw up, and the agents try to figure what to do. They talk to Parker and Hanover over coms to try and regroup...and then the coms go out. Firinci turns on a police scanner, and realizes that there is something going on outside the building. They look out and realize that the place is being evacuated and the cops are getting ready to go in. MacAteer, who speaks Serbian, listens to the exchange and applies Cop Talk, and realizes that the cops are planning to storm the flat and shoot them all. Probably they've been paid off. They need to go.

The four of them (MacAteer, Carlsson, Firinci, and Samir) head down the stairs...but then Firinci notices red dots on the walls and realizes they were blown. He tells Samir to put his hands up, figuring to buy their way out later...and the cops open fire.

Samir goes down with several bullets in his chest, and Carlsson takes a round to the shoulder, but Firinci manages to avoid harm entirely. They grab Samir's body and lug it through the building to the service elevator, which Firinci rewires to come to them, and they head down into a tunnel that leads across the street to an office building. Moving quickly, they avoid further police entanglement, get to a parking lot, and grab a car, which MacAteer deftly rams through a police roadblock.

Meanwhile, Parker and Hanover have figured out where they are and head over. Coms come back on, and Parker tells them to get three streets over and she'll collect them. They manage to lose the police tailing them (this is what MacAteer does, baby), switch into Parker's car, and head back to Konjic.

Firinci makes arrangements to take Samir to a mosque to have the appropriate burial rites performed, and finds his cell phone. That's how they got tracked. Hanover calls back to Parker and tells her the bank is blown, so they go to their backup safe house and arrange to get Klobucar the hell out of the country before this gets any worse. Once he's safely on a plane, they regroup and consider their options.

Firinci believes them now, and asks what he can do. The agents are back to their original issue - they can maybe make a poison or a serum, but they need more biological samples from a vampire. The only ones they know about and have a solid location on are Sas, Koltay, and Kornai. Firinci argues for getting hell out of Bosnia, but the others figure that Kornai is probably the safest bet - they have a way to bait him (Klobucar) that doesn't involve exposing the agents and doesn't compromise Firinci (who's not on the conspiracy's radar, necessarily). There's an amusing exchange where Firinci tries to mansplain this whole procedure and the risks of attachment to Parker, who's been on the run from these vampires for years and is a career spy, but at the end of the day, they decide that they'll bait Kornai to the bank and kill him.

They rig up an electric net to drop at the flip of a switch, hoping that strong current will at least slow down a vampire. MacAteer disguises himself as Klobucar and goes out for coffee, and it doesn't take long for some lowlife to spot him and report it. Two SUVs pull up, and Kornai, two brutes, and four dudes with guns get out.

A brute goes in and sniffs around, but Carlsson, MacAteer, and Firinci are hiding well. Kornai, a shooter, and the other brute go in...and Firinci drops the net.

Outside, Parker and Hanover gun down the three guards. Inside, MacAteer and Carlsson shoot at the brutes to weaken them, and the fourth guard runs, but Parker shoots him before he gets too far. They hack the brutes' heads off, take blood samples from Kornai, and then extract his tentacles before burning the whole damn place (electrical fire).

They head to a resort town in Croatia to regroup, and spend a couple of months recuperating (Carlsson, in particular, was injured, and some of the group need some time to heal mentally - lot of killing and death). Firinci makes arrangements to move his family if need be, and MacAteer eventually comes up with a serum that attacks the alien DNA directly...but of course they won't know for sure until they test it.

It's time, they decide, to go back to Budapest and take out Dr. Sas. That'll be the next op.