Sunday, July 29, 2018

Night's Black Agents: Holy Shit! There Are Vampires!

I mean, we've known that for a while, but one of the characters just figured it out today. More or less.

So! Last time, the agents decided they'd extract Klobucar and then swing back and deal with Kornai. The four agents that are in the know (that is, Hanover, Parker, MacAteer, and Carlsson) decided to move without Firinci; he was new to the group and doesn't believe in vampires (and his player was late).

MacAteer and Carlsson went to Konjic and got a safe house together in an old, abandoned bank. Parker and Hanover, meanwhile, set up the meet with Mujic - Klobucar met them ("them" here meaning MacAteer and Carlsson) at the airport, and they swept him for bugs and then took him to the bank.

At this point, Parker revealed herself, but Hanover did not (he's committed to remaining dead). They interrogated Klobucar, and he revealed a few things of interest.

First, he'd run because the conspiracy had wanted to turn him, but he wasn't interested in becoming that kind of monster. They'd wanted Hanover, but since he was dead, they'd decided to "upgraded" Klobucar, and he'd dropped off the grid.

Klobucar knew that Hajnal's organization had been part of the conspiracy at least since the fall of the Berlin Wall, but he wasn't sure when exactly Hajnal had been turned. He knew that Hajnal, Tesla, Sas, and Koltay were all vampires, and he knew that converting someone into a vampire was an operation that took a dedicated space and some time. He told them that there was a new process for converting someone that left more of their personality and memory intact, that Thibault, Kingsilver, and "the American" (Jones) had been subjected to. The conspiracy had stopped using that, though, since the agents had used serum to make them explode, and the conspiracy seemed to feel that human emotion and experience was a weakness.

Parker asked if there were other weaknesses, but Klobucar wasn't sure - he knew they burned just fine, and that they didn't like heat, but it didn't melt them or anything. He did mention that vampires weren't great at lateral thinking, and they didn't always guess well what other people knew.

They ran down a list of people that they'd worked with and asked if they were turned or watched, but Klobucar couldn't tell them anything they didn't already know. They asked where he wanted to go, and he said Canada, so Hanover got to work on his documents.

Meanwhile, though, Firinci, back in Sarajevo, got a text message from Samir - "help." He immediately contacted the agents and asked for help, and zeroed in on Samir's location from his last text. The location was a big house with a fence around it. Firinci got there just as MacAteer and Carlsson did (Parker and Hanover stayed at the bank to keep cover intact and keep an eye on Klobucar).

The door to the house had been smashed in. The agents crept up to the door and saw two SUVs outside; MacAteer recognized them as the ones outside Kornai's apartments. As they looked around, they heard a gunshot, and that spurred them into action. They moved around the side of the house, picked the lock on the patio door, and went in (MacAteer hotwired one of the SUVs and disabled the other, and stayed out to act as getaway).

Firinci peeked into the living room, and saw Samir on the ground, bleeding, but alive. Two other guards were dead, four men with guns covered the room, and Mujic was flanked by two men with blanked expressions and blood on their faces. They were speaking in Hungarian, which Firinci doesn't speak, but it was obviously not a good situation. Firinci reported the numbers to Carlsson, but didn't mention the blank expressions or the blood, which turned out to be important.

They moved through the house to the other entrance to that room, grabbed some liquor bottles on the way to make Molotovs. They got to the door, and Firinci threw a Molotov into the center of the room. Carlsson, seeing the brutes, hurled one toward them, but the brute dodged, moving entirely too fast. Firinci grabbed Samir, and Kornai yelled "shoot them!"

Carlsson shot him right in the head, and they ran. They managed to get to the window by the cars and Carlsson (on coms) yelled to MacAteer to shoot it, and they jumped out. The brutes were on their heels, still moving too fast to be real. They got in the car and MacAteer floored it, but the brutes were chasing...and keeping pace. And then Firinci noticed Kornai running across the lawn. That would be the guy that Carlsson had just shot in the forehead.

They started heading back to Sarajevo. Next time we get to see what Samir saw, and how Firinci is going to deal with this.