Friday, August 31, 2018

Blades in the Dark: Eggs, at Last

Last time, you may recall, the scoundrels decided to finally take on the job of stealing deathseeker crow eggs from the Spirit Wardens. And here we go!

Cage and Siren are up on a building across from the Belleweather Crematorium. One-Eye and Copper are at ground level, waiting. The plan is that Cage is gonna zipline across into the rookery, steal the eggs, put them in boxes with the suspension goo, attached them to another zipline, send them down to the folks on the ground, and then get out. Foolproof.

Cage is ziplining over and he sees three Spirit Wardens enter the rookery, so he lands right in front of them. They immediately draw weapons. Siren shoots one with a knockout dart from the other rooftop. One of them shoots at Cage with a sparkcraft weapon, but he moves just in time. Cage darts a second one, and the third one, carrying a cool-ass dagger than leaps into her hand from a spring-loaded thing in her sleeve, vanishes into the shadows.

Cage attunes himself to the room to try and find her, but she's sneaking up on him. She goes to stab him, but his armor absorbs it, and he tries to stab her with the dart. He misses, and he just loses his temper and smashes her face with his fist; this cracks her mask in half and he sees that she's a Skovlander, blue eyes, angry expression. She goes to run, probably to sound an alarm, and he hammer-punches her and knocks her down. She smacks her head on the edge of the roost and starts to bleed, but she's alive (Cage checks).

Cage loads up eggs into the first box and attaches it to the zipline to send it down. He does it wrong, though, and the clasp breaks. The box falls, but Copper springs into action and runs up the wall, grabbing it. Cage loads up the second one, but again does it wrong and the clasp fails midway down the line. Siren zips towards Cage, but lets go and lands on the other zipline, knocking the box loose and sliding to the ground.

At this point, the scoundrels have attracted attention. Folks are looking at them, Spirit Wardens are coming out of the Crematorium and Cage hears a high-pitched noise and notes that all of the crows are looking at him. He quickly dons his other mask and activates his ritual that turns him into a living shadow, and then slides down the zipline...

Meanwhile, the Spirit Wardens are questioning One-Eye and Siren. One-Eye convinces them that the lines are an art installation (Copper takes off running with the eggs), and Siren backs her up. Cage slides down in shadow-form, and One-Eye says "did you feel that?" Siren points out that One-Eye is very drunk (which isn't untrue), but the Spirit Wardens aren't happy. They don't know what the scoundrels are doing, but they call the Bluecoats.

The Bluecoats tell the scoundrels to take down the lines, but leave them with the Bluecoats, and they take off. Copper, meanwhile, gets to Grull in Clerk Street (she meets some Bluecoats, but claims to be a courier and they buy that). She gives the stuff to Grull and he tells them he'll be by later with the money (once he checks the eggs).

True to his word, later on at the hideout Grull drops by and pays them. One-Eye asks who Grull works for, and Grull says he's just a cabbie, but everyone knows he's lying. He takes off, and the scoundrels divvy up the loot. Their Rep also takes them to strong hold, which is good, since their relationship with the Spirit Wardens is iffy at best.

All of them indulge their vices; Cage heads to the temple of the Forgotten Gods, but isn't getting much out of it. He does learn, though, that a bunch of the cults are spouting prophecies about Doskovol crumbling into the sea, so that's a little disconcerting. He goes to Lord Penderyn and manages to get back into his good graces, and Penderyn says that he's been working on this, too - and one of the crew might be able to help.

One-Eye manages to finish her mechanical eye and get it installed. Siren starts working on forging a relationship with Goldie of the Fog Hounds. Copper finishes training Button; now he won't attack unless on command.

And the storm in the Void Sea grows ever closer...