Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Promethean: Jailhouse Waffles

Monday was Promethean. Here we go!

Last time, Avalon got arrested and everyone else scattered. Donnie wound up tagging along with Grimm, and asked him for help in finding "Jenny". Grimm used the information that Donnie had and found the dorm where Jenny lived, and then kinda caught a weird vibe off Donnie and asked his intentions - he wasn't going to hurt this girl, right?

"No," said Donnie. "I love her." This didn't make Grimm feel any better, but he wasn't conveying his concerns to Donnie and Donnie was very grateful to him (Grimm's player bought up Repute, making the Exemplar milestone earn a third dot of Repute for Grimm). Donnie ran off toward campus, and Grimm rejoined the others. Skip, they realized, wasn't around (his player was ill), so Virgil had the idea of sending him to check on Donnie and make sure things didn't get out of hand.

(Skip is, at the moment, on Cobalus, specifically the Provocateur Role. Just sit with that for a moment.)

The others decided to go back to Origins. Enoch sprung for the corset for Avalon, figuring she'd like to have it when she got out. Matt flirted with Jessa, the woman selling corsets, a bit, and she asked if he'd like to come help her tear down her booth and then get some dinner later on. The others wandered a bit, bought Dominion, and Feather figured they should start looking for a place to stay since they'd be in town a while.

Avalon was booked and allowed a phone call. She called Emil, figuring he'd pay her bail. He said he would, but she wouldn't be arraigned until Monday anyway, so he'd find a way to get her the money. He called up Feather and explained the situation. It's good to have friends.

Feather figured she might as well find the fourth Pilgrim mark, which was near the jail. She used Heed the Call to zero in on it, and found it on a bench across from the main entrance - it said "this is the place."

So now the throng had "afraid", "jail", "this is the place", and "keep away" in a rectangle, but no idea what that meant. Enoch used Plumb the Fathoms to look into the place a bit, and realized that there was an Athanor near here, probably in the jail. Matt used his Bestowment to give Feather a vision, and she someone screaming, emitting darkness, and forcing it into a little sphere. Then the person started walking away, but turned and looked straight at Feather.

Feather talked to him, and asked if he was Jesse. He said he was, and told her that a unique quirk of him was that although she was having a dream, she was still talking to him. He told her that there was something dark and dangerous in the the jail, but as long as they stayed out cell 61A, they'd be fine.

Meanwhile, in cell 61A, Avalon got bored and analyze the cell's components with Stone. In the floor, she found a hollow, and used Transformation to open it. She found a black sphere, and picked it up...

...and then it was later, and there had been a riot, and the guard that came to check on her was injured and obviously Disquieted. What had happened?

The throng, after Feather's vision, realized that the Athanor was inside (and that meant Feather achieved her Role, Explorer, for follow the marks to the Athanor). They went into the jail to see if they could talk to Avalon and were told to sit, but then things went crazy, sirens, ambulance arrived, and Virgil said that the people running around were all infected with Disquiet. From Avalon? But how did it spread that fast?

We shall see.