Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Ahem. Last night we played Promethean. We'd been out of it for a month, but it's like riding a bike.

Last time, the throng discovered that there, perhaps, more Pilgrim Marks downtown, and then they felt Azoth call to Azoth.

Skip feels the Azoth call, and then sees a Promethean pull himself over the edge of the parking garage. The Promethean is tall, lithe, muscular, and handsome, but when he stands still he looks like a store mannequin (so he's a Galateid, though Skip doesn't know that). He introduces himself as Donnie, and asks if Skip is Jesse - apparently Donnie's here looking for the same thing as the throng. He mentions that Jesse was going to help him with something. Skip calls up Enoch to let him know about this new guy, and Enoch says they're tracking down Pilgrim marks that Jesse may have left. Donnie and Skip go to join the throng, Donnie employ some pretty impressive parkour skills to do it.

They meet up, and Donnie meets everybody. He recognizes Grimm, and asks him to help him find someone; Grimm agrees, but not right now (they're hunting marks). Donnie is fine with that.

Grimm grabs a map of Columbus, thinks about his vision, maps out where they found the first mark, and then tries to extrapolate where the other three might be. They figure the next one is nearby, so they wander down the street a ways and find an intersection near Franklin University. Enoch uses Plumb the Fathoms and feels his way to a McDonalds, and Grimm finds the mark in the bathroom. It says "jail."

The first one said "afraid," but it had a slash through it. So, don't be afraid of jail? Of course, there were two more. The throng checks the map and finds probable points for the other two marks, one of which is...a city jail. Figuring that that one might be hard to get to, they head to the last one, which is in German Village.

This area is pretty dead, it being about 1:30AM. The throng finds a bookstore, a coffee roaster, and a bar, but everything's closed. They spread out and start looking (Donnie gets to a roof), but they don't find a mark outside, and then a cop car rolls up. Feather, thinking quickly, says they're looking for their cat (what the heck, it worked in another universe), and the cops tell them to leave private property alone and roll out.

Feather urges the throng to leave - they can come back during the day, after all. But then her Role catches up with her. She's an Explorer, and leaving this obvious clue behind feels wrong. She decides they should to go back and try again.

Avalon, when she's finally done flirting with Donnie, uses Soul in the Software to fly around into the bar, but then realizes this form is far too small to actually search the place. Enoch uses Plumb the Fathoms again and feels that the mark is above their heads, which means it's in the bookstore (as that has a second story). They break in (Matt picks the lock), and search the place, which takes a while due to, well, it's dark. But they find it - it's tucked behind a bookcase and it means "keep away."

Virgil, at this point, says, "uh, guys? We have a problem." And the police lights turn on.

The throng scatters. Donnie is away, over fences. Grimm activates Zephyrus and flees, while Feather and Matt slip away in the shadows. Skip runs, but Avalon gets tackled, feeling stirrings of Vitriol. The cops start to arrest her, but Skip rolls back and uses Eris to befuddle a cop and disarms another with a quick grab. Two more go to arrest Avalon, but she uses Eros to make one tackle another, and runs...but then feels herself stumble (Pilgrimage-wise). This still isn't Deviant. Does she need to get arrested?

She turns around and heads back, cuffs herself, and sits down on the curb. Skip flees, and the cops take Avalon in.

Which means that Avalon is now in police custody, her ID is going to get run, and there's at least one federal agency that's looking for her.