Sunday, April 1, 2018

Night's Black Agents: Agents on a Plane

Last time was a long time ago.

So! The agents pull into Reykjavik, dock their boat, and disembark...and immediately get lights in their faces and loud admonitions to drop their bags and put their hands up. They do, and the police approach to cuff them, and they decide they can get back on the boat and book it. Ess shoves a cop and runs, Parker and MacAteer get onto the deck, but Gambone trips and tackles Hanover and the two of them can't quite make it to the boat. Ess runs for it and gets shot, but still manages to make it to the boat. MacAteer pulls away from the dock (leaving Hanover and Gambone behind, but he doesn't know that; too many lights in his eyes), but police boats are already closing in. The agents have been captured.

They're in jail in Iceland for a little while, and then (once Ess has healed up enough to travel), they're put on a plane to be extradited to Budapest. They're marched onto a prison plane, shackled, and Parker notes that two of the guards are INTERPOL, but two of them aren't - probably conspiracy. She snags a key from one of the guards (Filch is her MOS), and the five of them are put into the plane.

She waits until they're out over the ocean to unlock herself; meanwhile, Hanover chats up the two INTERPOL folks (he speaks Hungarian). He learns, through judicious use of Cop Talk, that the two other guards were shuffled into the rotation last-minute, and that the guards are all carrying live ammunition - usually against protocol. The agents start to figure that they're all screwed if they make it to Hungary.

Ess twists himself and pops his stitches, and starts to bleed, luring the two conspiracy guards over to him, and he takes the opportunity to steal a key. Parker sneaks out of her seat and unlocks Gambone, and then rushes one of the INTERPOL guards, disarming him. The other guard hits the alarm. Gambone grabs the first guy's gun and points it at Hanover, telling the other guards (the conspiracy ones) that if they don't comply, he'll blow Hanover's head off.

The guard responds by shooting the other INTERPOL guard. Ess unlocks himself and grabs one of the conspiracy guards, but he shakes Ess loose and shoots at Gambone (missing). Parker and Gambone subdue the other conspiracy guard, and then draw down on the last guy, who surrenders. They chain up the guards and talk to the surviving INTERPOL guy, who's obviously a bit freaked out. He doesn't know anything of substance, though - the guards aren't told the code to get into the cockpit, for exactly this reason.

The agents, however, aren't unprepared for this. They pop the panel off the lock and do electronics to the wires (see how much I know about this shit), and take control of the plane. They shackle the pilot and co-pilot up with the other guards, and then consider their predicament.

They're over the ocean between Iceland and the Faroe Islands. The pilots have undoubtedly already radioed in, so the plane is being tracked and wherever they land, there will be a heavy police or military presence waiting for them, at best. At worst, well, it's not impossible that someone with Hajnal's resources could find a way to blow them out of the sky. They could do a water landing, but that would put them on a raft in the middle of the damn ocean (and obviously every emergency bit of gear on this plane is tagged and tracked), not to mention that they have five prisoners, at least three of whom are just doing their jobs. And, they only have two members who can fly the plane at all, and neither of them have a lot of points in Pilot left to spend.

All in all, it's not a pretty picture.