Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Night's Black Agents: Narrow Escapes

Thanks to Finding Nemo, I will never again read the word "escape" any other way than "ess-ka-pay".

Anyway! Last time the agents learned that the vampire-in-charge, the first vampire, was Nikola Tesla. Then they got the hell out of Belgrade. This session, we start off with them disembarking their cruise into Marseille, and deciding what to do next.

After some debate, they figured they'd go to England and make contact with Sedillo and Koltay. They traveled via train through Spain to Gibraltar, and then took a flight to Manchester, and then made contact. Koltay answered and they arranged a meet. The agents figured they'd meet him someplace public, just to be on the safe side. They chose the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Parker made contact with Koltay - he was sitting at the cafe alone. He said that Sedillo had disappeared, just left one night and not come back. This set Parker's mental alarms off immediately, and Ess used a filter on his camera to check whether Koltay had a normal body temp.

He didn't - he was dead. The agents scattered. MacAteer slipped into the bathroom and disguised himself (Disguise is his MOS). Parker stole a staff member's pass and took Gambone through a staff exit. Ess and Hanover left through the front and the backer, respectively, but were both made.

Hanover found himself confronted by tough-looking individuals, and he ran. Through a series of really impressive Athletics rolls, he escaped. Ess wasn't quite so lucky.

He found himself, across the street, confronted by a woman drawing a gun (Sense Trouble is his MOS, and a good thing, too!). He ran, but took a bullet in the shoulder for his trouble. The woman pursued him, much faster than he could run, but they crossed in front of the Nando's where Parker and Gambone were biding time. Gambone recognized the woman - Kingsilver.

He left the restaurant and shot her with a dart, but she just turned and confronted him. "They just want Hanover," she said. "You give us him, and you can walk away." She leaned in closer. "They know her name, Mike."

"Give me some time," said Gambone, perhaps to stall. "I can't just-"

But he didn't need to finish, because Ess doubled back and shot her in the neck with a "hot" dart. She swell and burst, and the agents lit out.

They met back up and got the hell out of London, heading up into Edinburgh and then to the coast. Ess was wounded, everyone was stressed (and losing Stability), and then decided to get the hell out of the UK, keep moving, and try to lose their pursuers. Through Hanover's contacts, they arranged to get a boat, and head across the sea to Iceland...where an unpleasant surprise is waiting for them.