Sunday, April 22, 2018

Character Creation: Rockalypse

I may be running a one-shot of this next week, so I should make a character, but really I want to do it because the little sticker I put on my books to note which ones I still need to make a character for won't stay on this book and it's bugging me.


The Game: Rockalypse
The Publisher: Four-in-Hand Games
Degree of Familiarity: None with this particular game, but it's Fate core and I'm pretty familiar with that.
Books Required: The Rockalypse book and Fate core.

Rockalypse is a really interesting game. It combines a post-apocalyptic game (any type will do) with the "let's battle by playing songs at each other" kind of magical realism of Scott Pilgrim. I suppose that Starchildren might be a good inspiration or companion, too.

Anyway, if I were actually playing this game, we'd start by designing our apocalypse and deciding what kind of Aspects it has, but since I can get away with not doing that and still make a character, I'll skip it.

I start out by choosing, as usual, a High Concept and a Trouble Aspect. My High Concept requires that I choose what instrument I play, if any (it's perfectly cool to be a roadie or whatever).

Now, I run into trouble here because I don't actually play any instruments. I can sing a little bit, and I took guitar lessons for a few weeks once, but I don't have the finger stamina for it. But I can probably get by playing a bassist. I like playing support characters, and being the backbone, keeping everyone steady, sounds fun. I'll take Unflappable Bassist as my High Concept.

Unflappable characters can be boring as hell, though, so I need a Trouble Aspect that pops. I think I want my bassist to be the lost prince or Chosen One of some cult; he ran away (or got lost, Lion-style) when he was very young. He's got a birthmark on his chest in the shape of a rabbit, so he's the Lost Scion of the Rabbit God.

Then I get two Group Aspects, but there are attached questions - how did you join the band, and what have you done to support the band? I'll go with Follow the Bass for the first one (there was a terrible dust storm or smoke cloud or something and my guy played the bass and led people out, and some of those people formed a band!) and Windowbox Gardener for the second (he grows herbs and other plants in the bus - because we apparently have a bus - that the group then eats).

Finally, I get a free Aspect. I'll take See the World With New Eyes. My bassist has a weird visual condition; he sees things in different colors than other people do, which means different things pop out at him.

Skills are next! I get the standard Fate core array (one at Great, two at Good, three at Fair, four at Average), but the combat Skills and Provoke have been removed and replaced by Rhyme, Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony.

Well, I know I was Rhythm to be high, but I want Harmony to be my Great (this guy smooths things over). So I'll put Rhythm at Good. I'll put Empathy at Good as well. I'll put Notice, Physique (because there's a stunt I want) and Crafts at Fair, and for my four Average Skills, I'll take Contacts, Rapport, Drive, and Will.

Stunts, then. I know I was Got the Music in Me (once per song I can clear a stress box with Physique). I like Lift Me Up (lets me clear a bandmate's consequence by taking stress, which dovetails nicely with the first one). And then I'll take Start the Groove (additional free invoke the first time I Create an Advantage during a song).

I have three Refresh, and I'm fine with that.

My bassist is slim, with long black hair that hangs in his eyes. He has sleeves tats up and down his arms, that just look like atonal color mishmash to everyone else, but he can see what they really represent (it's kinda personal, man). He favors big floppy t-shirts. His hands are always dirty from gardening and he smells loamy and earthy, but he chews peppermint leaves so his breath is minty. His name is Bean (he's got a mononym, like other famous bassists - Flea, D'arcy, etc.).