Sunday, January 27, 2013

Character Creation Index

Make a character, buy more RPGs, make a character...

This is the post for my character creation project. It's been going since late June 2008, and shows no sign of ever stopping because I'm never going to stop buying RPGs.

Some of these links lead back to my old Dreamwidth journal, and some of the links in the posts are dead because they go to my now-deleted Livejournal, but the newer ones are posts on this blog. If you read one and you want to comment, and it's on an older post, I'd recommend commenting on this post; I don't check the DW anymore.

If you have a request or you want me to do a character for your RPG, I'm happy to do so! Contact me and we'll chat.

Mage: The Awakening - Raytwontoo
Godlike - Sean William Niall
Changeling: The Lost - August Boykos
Cartoon Action Hour! - Tyris
Promethean: The Created - Donnie Whiteside
Little Fears - Luis Collazo
Kobolds Ate My Baby! - Taem
World of Darkness - Mike Dashell
My Life With Master - Grush
World of Darkness:  Innocents - JT Behrent
Desolation - Olm, the Bitten Man
Werewolf: The Forsaken - Osman Seif
Houses of the Blooded - Drial
Paranoia (2nd Ed) -Tyrannis-R-OUS-1
Vampire: The Requiem - Salt
Dread - Eric Maholic
Prawn - Karate
The Secret Lives of Gingerbread Men - Ingredient Master
Run Robot Red - Hothead
Cat - Marshmallow
With Great Power... - The Wraith
The Batman Roleplaying Game - Joseph Basel/Crybaby
Hunter: The Vigil - Wyatt
Adventure! - Malcolm Danvers/The Querent
All Flesh Must Be Eaten - Nick Houser
Arcana Unearthed - Houn Stargazer
Deadlands - Easter
Whispering Vault - The Mountain Man
HoL - Bob Satanson
In Nomine - Variel/Dr. Alvin Kohler
Chill 2nd Ed - Kelley Travis
Nightlife - Luke Bailey/Doc
Vampire: The Masquerade (2nd Ed.) - Trick
Changeling: The Dreaming (1st Ed.) - Elliot
Heroes Unlimited - Seth Stein/The Warden
Nobilis - Riz, Marquis of Cognitive Distortion
Army of Darkness - Brock
Aletheia - Peter Bodine
Dark Ages: Werewolf - Cautious Eyes
Hollow Earth Expedition - James Hart
Monsters and Other Childish Things - Mikey Robard
Fading Suns - Amat Lee
Dark Ages: Mage - Alessi
Silver Age Sentinels - Greg West/Gremlin
Dark Ages: Vampire - Troy
Legend of the Five Rings - Kazuo
Wraith: The Oblivion, 1st edition - Mr. Sly/Sylvester Cotto
Edge of Midnight - Mitch Wiley
Unknown Armies - Adam Yancy
Æternal Legends - Tink
It Came From the Late, Late, Late Show - Trap Martindon
Shadowrun - T'Kor
Aberrant - Victor Ford/Dog
Dungeons & Dragons, 3rd. Ed. - Os Brao
Nephilim - Richard Stokes/Lone
Orpheus - Brayton "Smitty" Smith
Fireborn - Rob Henry/Belatucadros
Archangel - Gad
Marvel Super Heroes - Hans Holmer/Fragment
Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Revised - Skin Deep
Scion: Hero - Gibbs Richard Boxer
Dreaming Cities - Noond
Mummy: The Resurrection - Scott Byrd
Toon! - Peabody
Dark Ages: Inquisitor - Pons Gaudet
Don't Rest Your Head - Trace Carter
Savage Worlds - Petros
Conspiracy X (2nd Ed.) - John Rostov
Exalted 1st Ed - Sirocco
Slasher Flick - Anthony
Spirit of the Century - Dr. Green
Low Life - Hosse, Tess of Stainless Creme
Exalted: Lunars 1st Ed - Lolk
Bushido - Hibiki
Necessary Evil - Dosage/Burt Bannister
Ex Machina - Gavin Croy
HARP - Alin
True 20 Adventure Roleplaying - Fox Kai
Geist: The Sin-Eaters - Anton Crist
Dogs in the Vineyard - Arthur Stone
Midway City - Nevin the Sparrow
Trail of Cthulhu - Dr. Ludwig Fuchs
Trinity - Yori "Lucky" Tanaka
Exquisite Replicas - Horace "Deak" Deakins
Shattered Dreams - Elwin James "LJ" Taft
Weapons of the Gods - Numbered Rain
Asylum - Anyone
Dark Ages: Fae - Ledirc
3:16 Carnage Among the Stars - Coop
Colonial Gothic - Skinner
50 Fathoms - Aes Lyrria
Terra Primate - Earl Donald
Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone - Gentle-Voiced Iphicles
GURPS (3rd. Ed) - Creatures of the Night - E. Lewis Paver
Alpha Omega - Reverend
Serenity - Louis "Dex" Beech
Feng Shui 1st Ed - Banning Gully
CthulhuTech - Desmond Marsh
Rippers - Emil Stahl
Mouse Guard - Siddel
Mutants and Masterminds - Kirk Olsen/Grimoire
Vox - Max Lloyd & Maximilian
Barbarians Versus - Ru'ak
Shambles - Josh Wilson
Dark Aeons - Ryan Pickman
Dawg - Threedy
Heaven & Earth, 3rd Edition - Benjamin Yarrow
Burning Wheel - Crier
Mutant City Blues - Prescott Marple
Maschine Zeit - Braden Weiss
Eclipse Phase - Vic Johnson
The Veggie Patch - Tum
GURPS Bunnies and Burrows - Ripples
Ars Magica, 4th Ed. - Vulpes
BASH - Michelangelo de Novo/Il Spettro
Witch Hunter: The Invisible World - Etienne Lefevre
Seven Leagues - Peat
Unhallowed Metropolis - Bernie the Black Sheep
Blowback - Logan Meyer/Emory Winstead
Agone - Nydaria
Dresden Files RPG - Aidan Brannagh
MARS - Talh Maltash
Pirates of the Spanish Main - Domingo Santiago de Compostela
Beast Hunters - T'kech
MSG - Van DiSteffallo
Ganakagok - Shuntuk, the greedy ice-climber
Misspent Youth - Wanna
Marvel Universe Game - Manic/Ellis Zimm
The Squared Circle - Mr. Arana
Cybergeneration - Copper
Hellcats & Hockeysticks - Stella Dunwich
Strike Force 7 - Joseph "Black Cat" Heber
The Seventh Seal - Thomas Daughtry
Corporation - Ahmed Maazouzi
Little Fear - Nightmare Edition - Hunter Doromin
Interface Zero - Savir McMahon
Truth & Justice - Alexander "Zane" Zanbridge/Monster
Labyrinths & Lycanthropes - Sol the Wanderer
Hunter: The Reckoning - Samuel Callahan
Dying Kingdoms - Kurg
Leverage - Oscar Kimball
Deadlands Reloaded - Dr. Charlie McDermott
Haiiiii-Ya! - Rays
The Secret of Zir'an - Gui Mellenae
Mortal Coil - Ogma
Fae Noir - Fish
Slipstream - Plep
Summerland - George Swinton
Haven: City of Violence - Ivan Koltay
Contenders - Isaiah "Ice" Colon
Sorcerer - Jay Marley
Atomic Highway - Simple Simon
Ephemeris - Diogenes
Privateers & Pirates - Homer Market
GURPS Cabal - Joost Visser
Tales from the Wood - Gulper
The Play's The Thing - Thom Orsino
House of Cards - Jesse Northup, the Wheel-Bearer
Chronica Feudalis - Forrest
Mermaid Adventures - Prince Neon
Fear Itself - Ross Landau
Cortex - Bryn Garlon
Marvel Heroic Roleplaying - Shapeshifter/Miles Farley
It's a Dog's Life - Boulder
Night's Black Agents - Diego de Calderon Iglesias
Farewell to Fear - Micah
Lady's Rock - Ulrich
hollowpoint - Gillette
Earthdawn - Rejik Malirin
Monsterhearts - Cask
Part-Time Gods - Milo Covey
Cold City - Ivan Nikolaevich Osinov
Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. - Jack Talbot
Lashings of Ginger Beer - Witch
Better Angels - Henry Hanson/Hellhound
Demon: The Descent - The Courier/Jacob Grettinger
Full Light, Full Steam - Trevor Vaughn-Smythe
Dragon Warriors - Bahadur
@activ8 - Martin McAllister
Perfect, Unrevised - Ransom Thorley
Diaspora - Myler Shaunessy
School Daze - Isaac Williams
Valherjar: The Chosen Slain - John Forster
Psi Run - 33421
Ghouls (Vampire: The Requiem) - Rodney Abrams
Ghost Dog RPG - Jay
Piledrivers & Powerbombs - George Glam
Ninja Burger 2nd Ed - Bill We/Inaba Toshiro
DC Universe RPG - Flicker/Paul & Laura Winter
Edge - Daman
Anathema - Bleed
Little Wizards - Surki
Of Gods & Heroes - Ardhem
Edara - Luten Miletan
Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition - Amon
Toypocalypse - Snake-Man
Blue Rose - Aminipha
World of Dew - Saburo
Epyllion (ashcan) - Morning
Changeling: The Dreaming 2nd Ed - Ronny
The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon - Phaeton
Spark - Franz Twain/The Benedictine
Covenant - Osmundo Caraballos
Verge - Orson
One Shot - John "Blaze" Blaisdale
The Aegis Project - Giles Phillips
Streets of Bedlam - Manny Clay
Men in Black Roleplaying Game - Y
Mechwarrior 3rd Edition - Chu Ziao
Werewolf: The Forsaken 2nd Edition - Robert McTeague
Starchildren: The Velvet Generation - Jericho
Fortune's Fool - Calondrucio
Bulldogs! - Killy
Chill 3rd Edition - Clark Randolph
OmegaZone - Hunny Bother
Supers! - Tyrone Douglas Jr./The Reckoning
Witch: Fated Souls - Brian Arcott
Atomic Robo - Adriago Valetti
Ashen Stars - Ezha
Beast: The Primordial - Stan Ronson
Nefertiti Overdrive - Tjepu
Beyond - Jeff Tylinski
A Dirty World - Clarence William Feldman III
Call of Catthulhu - Altair/Merthus
Unwritten - Leslie Ruck
Feng Shui 2nd Ed - Wo Dan
In Flames - Gaius Sael/Drez Ma
MADS - "Spooky" Daniels
Scavengers - Fritz
Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies - Bomani
Infestation - Panther
Sundered Skies - Tellin
Headspace - Jones
Chariot - Aumec
Iron Edda: War of Metal & Bone - Einar Vatnsson
East Texas University - Drake Stephens
tremulus - Samuel Hale
Tales of WynD'Mere - Hrundle
Byron Falls - Perry Byron
Storytime Chimera - Brother Amber
Laser Kittens - Boxing Day
Our Last Best Hope - Amos Bracken
Promethean: The Created 2nd Edition - Jefferson
Wizards of the Three Moons - Malinus the Themisite
Action Planet - Graplz Grazin
Strays - Ruffles
QAGS - Maynard Milton/The Pedant
Riders - Kevin MacHeath
Belly of the Beast - Speet
Jadepunk: Tales from Kausao City - Myon the Baker
Helix - Binary
A Song of Ice & Fire Roleplaying - Ser Remlin Orlych
Remember Tomorrow - /sub
Masks - Whatever/Roger Royce
Becoming - Jackton
Trials of the Magi - Me
ScreenPlay - Keenrick
Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition - Leon "Franco" Franchetti
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Sung Liu
Wayfarers - Dvat
Monster of the Week - Simon Harlow
Strike! - Squeak
PreppiePunk - Matthias Barbary
Venture City - Pax/Oliver Owen
Golden Sky Stories - Acorn
Ten Candles - Albert "Droos" Drusinski
Sins of the Father - Taylor Slingham
Orkworld - Doodaykin
Blades in the Dark - Silk
Synthicide - Stelo
Big Eyes, Small Mouse - Montgomery
War of the Dead - Charlie Finn
Threadbare - The Hippo of Refuge
Yesterday's Tomorrow - Winston Conway
Roma Imperious - Oppus Velius Vindex
Karma Roleplaying System - Wing
Camp Myth - Jack Lumber
Vampire Hunter$ - Nick Balladino
Alas for the Awful Sea - Diarmid Craig
Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition - Zachary Sibress
Breaking the Ice - Patroclus
Dresden Files Accelerated - Bartholomew Griggs
When the Dark is Gone - Raymond Ruth
Pasión de las Pasiones (ashcan) - Gilberto
Critical! Go Westerly - Roger Vintner
Gaslight OGL - Edward "Ted" Billings
The Secrets of Cats - Cinders/Freckles
The Whispering Road - Wax
Angel - Marvin S. Draper
Glimpse the Beyond - Miguel Baez
Cartel (Ashcan) - Toño
1001 Nights - Cassim al-Walid
TimeZero - Brutus "Butch" Hagen
Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition - Donaar
Geasa - Rick Brayker/a little red gremlin, hidely ho
Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition - Ashley O'Dell
Rockalypse - Bean
Legend of the Burning Sands - Ali
Argyle & Crew - Adventure in the Land of Skcos - Bub
Magicians - Kennath
Undiscovered: The Quest for Adventure - Sayth
Against the Darkness - Nico Dinah
The Ward (ashcan) - Frank Delint
Base Raiders - Hydra
We Used to be Friends (ashcan) - Harold Hall
Chronicles of Darkness - Ruslan Chumak
Mage: The Awakening 2nd Edition - Casey Yost
Outlive Outdead - Big Joe
Dungeon World - Finnegan
Cabal - Fulcrum, Inc.
Chosen - Lorin Wynn
Demon: The Fallen - Andre Summers/Ymariel
Unsung - Jimmy White
Spooktacular - Brennan MacCool
Candycreeps - Dave Rackham
Crossroads Carnival (ashcan) - Xo
Project Ninja Panda Taco - Dr. Boggan McTeagle/Bevis Jonkerputts
BRP - Levi Matthews
Flatpack: Fix the Future - Bell
Spycraft 2.0 - Trent "Vagabond" Cable
Ingenium - Brates, the Lively Gargoyle Beast Tamer
Eypllion - Froghar
Eldritch High - Dominic "Nic" Brussels
Timewatch - Henri Cloutier
Bedlam Hall - Graves
Ghosts of Albion - Christopher Tennyson
Werwolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition - Spills-No-Blood
Velvet Glove (Notebook Edition) - Santana

Still to do:

Gear Krieg: 2nd Ed
Operation: Perfect Blue — choose character, copy sheet
Hardnova Sovereign Space
Immortal: The Invisible War
Exalted, 2nd Ed.
Sufficiently Advanced
Hot War
Legacy of Maela
Wild Talents 2nd Ed.
Adventures in Oz
Iron Kingdoms
Big Eyes, Small Mouth
Red Star
Beat to Quarters
The Dark Fantasy of Sundrah
Tales from the Floating Vagabond
Blue Planet
How We Came to Live Here
The World of Necroscope
The World of Species
The World of Tales from the Crypt
The World of Indiana Jones
Castle Falkenstein
Bob, Lord of Evil
Teenagers from Outer Space
Super Heroes Unite!
Wilderness of Mirrors
Wicked Heroes
Enemy Gods
All the Days of My Children Hospital
Chi Chian the Roleplaying Game
HarnMaster 3rd Ed.
Blood Games II
Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade
Heart Quest
Time & Temp
Starblazer Adventures
Eldritch Ass-Kicking
Game of Thrones
Lord of the Rings RPG
Rotted Capes
Full Moon
Broken Rooms
Fate of the Norns: Ragnorak
Mummy: The Curse
New Fire
Demon Hunters
Tomorrow Knights
Terror Thirteen
Nobilis: The Essentials
They Became Flesh
The Day After Ragnorak 
Deadlands Noir
Shadows of Esteren
Iron Kingdoms
Singularity System
A.C.E. Agents
Inverse World
Atlantis: Second Age
Blood Red Sands
Dystopia Rising
13th Age
Interface Zero (SW)
Battle for Oz
Adventure Maximus
Out of the Blue
Tenra Bansho Zero
AMP Year One
Dr. Who
The Ministry Initiative
Cold Steel Wardens
Chill 1st Edition
Baker Street
Cartoon Action Hour Season 3
Low Life ReDredged
Thou Art But a Warrior
The Clay That Woke
Tianxia: Blood & Jade
Fear the Living
Spirit of ’77 
Strange Voyages
Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion
Night Witches 
Mecha vs. Kaiju
Sagas of the Icelanders
Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. Savage Worlds
Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Ed.
Widening Gyre 
Shock: Social Science Fiction
Sword Noir
Clockwork Dominion
Urban Shadows
Of Dreams & Magic
The Warren
Legend of the Five Elements
Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition
The One Ring
Lone Wolf Adventure Game
Eldritch Skies
All for One: Regime Diabolique
Small Things
Nemesis 382
Before the Storm
Guild of Shadows
The Sprawl
Shadows Over Sol
Ultima Forsan
Young Centurions
Manic Pixie Dream Girl Commandos
Simple Superheroes
The Dig
7th Sea
Adventurer Conqueror King
Circle of Hands
Adventures in the East Mark
Age of Arthur
Godsend Agenda
Kiss My Axe
Vow of Honor
With Great Power (Master Edition)
After Zombies
BASH Ultimate Edition
Broken Earth
Champions Complete
Judgement Day
Kaiser's Gate
Prowlers & Paragons
vs. Ghosts
Xandoria Galaxies
Lotus Dimension
Last Parsec
The Hour Between Dog & Wolf
Circles of Power
The Underground: A Sam & Fuzzy Roleplaying Game
The Strange
The Veil
Home by Dark
Paranoia Ultraviolet Edition
Blue Rose
Dead Scare
No Country for Old Kobolds
Mythos World
Fear Itself 2nd Ed
Wearing the Cape
Light's Out
Ki Khanga
Monsterhearts 2
Horrors: The Scary Story RPG
Bluebeard's Bride
Blackwood Errantry Codex
The Watch
Red Markets
Dust, Fog, & Glowing Embers
Harlem Unbound
Alas Vegas
City of Mist
Damn the Man, Save the Music
Buccaneer: Through Hell & High Water
Tales from the Loop
Summerland 2nd Ed
Arthur Lives! 2nd Ed
Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse
The Sword, the Crown & the Unspeakable Power
Powder Mage
Ruma: Dawn of Empire
The Happiest Apocalypse on Earth
Universal Storytelling System
Mythic d6
Cypher System
The End of the World
Cthulhu Dark
Smoke & Glass
Cavaliers of Mars
Kids on Bikes