Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Promethean: Boom-Shackle

Promethean last night. Whee-buddy.

Last time, five of the Prometheans discovered a government hidey-hole, and then started heading back to the sixth Promethean (Skip). So this time, we start off by catching up with Skip.

Skip and Virgil are in the hotel. Virgil is working on his chronicle, and Skip is applying static electricity to the kittens to make them poof up. Virgil goes out to get ice, and then a moment later, Skip feels his Azoth flare and then dim.

Worried that Virgil's managed to get himself killed again, Skip goes out and sees several people putting a now-bound Virgil into a van...a van Skip recognizes. He starts creeping over toward them, and then they see him, and he recognizes one of them as the woman he saw at the park the other day when he caused an earthquake. He starts calling up Pyros to throw lightning, but one of the other guys shoots him in the chest.

Now, Skip is hella hard to hurt, but he feels that shot. He charges forward and punches the guy, but doesn't manage to drop him. The others load Virgil into the van, jump in, and angle the van around...and Skip can see a huge cannon in the back, pointed right at his head. He runs for it, not sure what that cannon can do and not wanting to see another River of Death. The cannon blows a hole in the hotel and the squad takes off with Virgil, leaving Skip behind to save the kittens.

The others arrive (but don't see the van), and then first responders start showing up. Matt, Avalon, and Feather pack up their gear and get in the van before the police cordon off the area, but Skip, Enoch, and Grimm aren't so lucky. The first three decide they'll pick the stragglers up later and head out to the government installation, while the other three get questioned by the police. Unfortunately, Skip's "Rick Johnson" ID doesn't hold up to scrutiny (he's only got one dot of Alternate ID), and he's arrested. The people who arrest him aren't normal police, though, they're G-men in a black sedan. The things they put on his wrists, too, seem to actively resist being broken.

Meanwhile, though, the others are at the installation. They park down the block, and walk there, which turns out to be good, because another black sedan shows up. One of the people who gets out is the "nurse" they saw at the hospital the other day. The "nurse" and the government spook fellow go into the building, and Avalon activates Soul in the Software to send a "bug" in to listen.

She hears the woman saying that they need an extraction - they were prepared for one of "these things," not seven. Listening to the conversation, Avalon realizes that these folks were hunting Lurch, but haven't had any more luck finding him than the throng has. Now they've got Virgil, which the woman says should be enough, but the man says that they want the other one - Skip. The woman tells him they need more personnel and more gear, and the man says he'll pass it up the chain. Avalon heads back and tells the others, and they decide to follow the government car, but the driver of said car almost immediately notices them and peels out. They head back to the hotel.

There, they pick up Grimm and Enoch, and follow the two black cars leaving (one of which has Skip). Sadly, they pick the wrong one, and just wind up trailing agents to a gas station to get a slushy.

Meanwhile, on the highway, Skip figures he's had about enough. Unable to break the bonds he's held in, he kicks the door right off the hinges and jumps onto the berm. He runs as the car skids to a halt, and the men with the slushies get a call....