Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Prometheans in the Park with George

When I was in middle school, I had really bad insomnia and wound up going down into our basement and watching TV. Of course, late at night, pre-cable, you got PBS and then not much else of interest. I wound up watching Sunday in the Park with George late one night, and ghosts of the opening song still flit about my head from time to time.

All of which has nothing to do with Promethean, but you're here, you cope with my non sequiturs.

So! The characters go to the park, except for Grimm (who nips over to the police station) and Skip (whose player was out sick, so Skip went back to the hotel to keep an eye on things with Virgil).

Grimm fills out a form and gets the info on the accident, but doesn't learn anything new - the driver of the truck reported that he had a green light and smashed into Daley's car. That's consistent with what Grimm had learned elsewhere, and with the notion of a Frankenstein Wasteland in the area.

The others go into the park, and Enoch, Feather, and Matt look around and find Lurch's camp. Moldering blankets, some depressing Pilgrim marks carved into the trees, and a bunch of books about death, the afterlife, coping with death, and funerary practices (some of which are library books). Clearly Lurch was obsessed with death, but why? Maybe he was dying, but what kind of sense does that make? He's a Promethean.

Avalon wanders the perimeter of the Firestorm area looking for evidence, but doesn't find much; it's been too long and the Firestorm seems to have wiped away the Pyros (like it do). Grimm returns and the Prometheans figure that maybe someone could track Lurch from the campsite, so Enoch finds a bloodhound (remember they're in a dog park), pets it, and then uses this Chimera Distillation to turn into one. He follows the scent from the camp out into the city, but loses it around the library.

Feather and Avalon return the books, claiming they found them in the park, and Avalon notices an employee kind of blanch at seeing them. She gets him aside and charms him into telling her why - he gave Lurch a library card even though he knew he was homeless, using a fake address and name (Andre Holt). Avalon gets the address and the throng goes to check it out, but it's a vacant lot. There's a Pilgrim mark on the wall - "fake safe place."

Figuring that if Lurch is still in the city, he might be hiding his Azoth, Feather uses Heed the Call and amps up her own Azothic radiance to detect him. She gets a hit and the Prometheans get in the van and follow it, and wind up at an office park. They pick the lock on a door leading into a warehouse area and Grimm and Matt go in, but they don't find Lurch. They find a van similar to the one they saw at the park and then the hospital.

Checking it out, they find the back has a bunch of automatic weapons and grenades. Grimm notes that the guns have special protective technology - they won't work for anyone without an RFID chip on (or in) their person. The characters also find a bunch of photos of Lurch around town, clearly taken from security cameras, a map detailing his movements, and pictures of them outside the hospital. Feather finds mattresses and living space in the office building next door, but very little in the way of personal effects - these folks are well-trained. Avalon finds a roster, though, apparently for guarding Daley, and finds their names: Fields. Hanson. Ramirez. McKinney. Moss. The documents don't reveal what agency these folks are from, but the letters "TFV" show up occasionally. Avalon also finds a post-it note under the "HOT LEADS" section of their murder-board...with the address of the hotel where the characters are staying.

They take the time to disable the guns, and Grimm scoops up a couple of grenades. Figuring they're probably on tape here, Avalon uses Arc to short the transformer and cut power to the building, and the Prometheans take all their pictures and maps (probably they have backups, but this might slow them down). Then they figure they'd better go check the hotel, so they head out.

As they approach, they see smoke rising. So next time, we'll check in with Skip and see what happened (but next time won't be until January, because the next Monday we'd play this is Xmas day).