Sunday, December 24, 2017

Character Creation: Camp Myth

So, this is weird. In looking for a game for which to make a character, I saw Camp Myth. Figuring that might be a good choice (I haven't played the game but I've read the source material and I know the Pip system that a lot of Third Eye stuff uses), I went to find the character sheet I had printed...and discovered I didn't.

Generally I print off a character sheet as soon as I have a physical copy of the game and put it in my binder, but nope, not a sausage. And then I looked at my list, and realized the game wasn't on there.

I have no idea what all this means, but I blame +Eloy somehow. Anyway.

The Game: Camp Myth
The Publisher: Third Eye Games, though I don't know the status of this particular game
Degree of Familiarity: As I said, none with this game specifically, but I've read the novel it's based on
Books Required: Just the one.

So, the history of Camp Myth is somewhat fraught. I backed the Kickstarter for the first novel waaaay back in 2012 or so, read the book to Teagan (she was, what, about 8 at the time?), and she really liked it. I contacted the writer and asked about licensing the property to do an RPG, but was told that he'd already licensed it to Eloy. "Well, it's in good hands, anyway," I thought, and went on with life.

And then I backed the second novel he did, but then the author kinda fell off the face of the earth. I have no idea what happened, but that novel did become available for sale (because I bought a copy so that Teagan could read it, off Amazon; the author refunded me the money I put in on Kickstarter). And then nothing in the Camp Myth-verse happened. Weird.

Anyway, the basic idea here is that various mythological creatures go to summer camp to learn how to avoid the problems of said creatures, use their powers, and do the things that humans do at summer camp (flirt awkwardly, eat s'mores, that kind of thing). The lead characters are a kitsune, a fae, and a nerdy cyclops. It's cute, and I won't go so far as to say it's a Percy Jackson ripoff, but it draws on some of the same inspiration, and that's fine.

So, step one is to Choose Mythic Race. Well, drawing on my own experiences at summer camp, I think I want to make a camper who's most at home in the woods, barefoot, out in nature. So I'll make a dryad. I get 5 Health, 6 Homesickness, and one free point in Arts & Crafts and Wilderness Training. I also get a racial ability and hindrance: I get an extra die to any roll in the forest, but I get annoyed if people harm trees or animals.

Step two is Skills. I get 10 points to split up amongst Skills, so let's check it out.

Well, Archery applies to literally using a bow and arrow, but also for javelins. I'll put two points there. I'll put one into Concealment and Discovery, and two into Friendship. 4 left. I'll put one into Mythic Knowledge, one into Sports, and the last two into Runes & Rituals. Looks good.

Step three is Comforts from Home, your basic Merits/Advantages/Edges type thing. I get a Myth Army Knife for free (I know), and then 5 more points. Let's see.

Oh, OK. I'm gonna spend 3 points and have a pet hodag. His name is Gene, and he's got an overbite and spikes around his head (but they're pretty blunt, because he's young). Normally I'd alter the stats of an adult creature given in the book, but Eloy didn't think to include the noble hodag (jeez, Eloy), so I'll just wing it. Let's assume 4 hits, because that's what it usually works out to, and then a special ability...let's pick Stone Drop (from Gargoyle), because Gene likes to drop on people from out of trees, and he's heavier than he looks.

That leaves me 2 points. I'll take one point of Armor (bark-like skin) and a Quirk: Flexible like the Willow (+1W to wriggle out of restraints or otherwise go with the flow).

OK, cool. So, my dryad's name is Jack Lumber (get it?). That's a self-applied name; he claims his real name is unpronounceable to folks who communicate via sound, but really it's just embarrassing). Jack likes to pretend to be all slow and ent-y, but only with non-dryads. Really, Ents are like the great-grandparents of the dryads and who wants to be like those old folks?

And that's me done!