Friday, November 24, 2017

Character Creation: Yesterday's Tomorrow

Haven't made a character in...well, about a month. It's been a shitty month. Anyway. I've been going through my old links on the chargen project and updating them (some of them went to my old LJ, which I've deleted, so I'm changing them so they go to my Dreamwidth account, which has the same content but isn't LJ), and it got me wanting to make a character. So here we are. I picked something quick, though.

The Game: Yesterday's Tomorrow
The Publisher: John Wick Presents (this game appears in the Big Book of Little Games)
Degree of Familiarity: None, but the system is similar to some of his other ones, and the setting/theme is basically the same as Spirit of the Century or Adventure!
Books Required: Just the one.

So, this game started as a request for a steampunk game, but it's got no discernible elements of steampunk that I can see. Instead, it's pretty based in action/pulp, which of course is awesome.

We start off by choosing an archetype, marking me as a Hero of Action, Mystery, Romance, or Science! (Note: The book says "Man of Action," but "Hero" of everything else.)

I dunno. My Adventure! character was very much a Mystery kind of guy, while Spirit of the Century was Science. I could do Action, I guess. I don't have much of a concept kicking around yet, though. It'd be interesting to try Romance, though I'm not much in the mood for that. Fuck it, let's stick with Action. We'll name my hero Winston Conway! Sounds dashing.

So now I do styles, which, coincidentally, are the same as the archetypes (Romance, Action, Mystery, Science). Why not link these two steps? WHO KNOWS. Anyway, I get 5, 4, 3 2 to put in these, and I'll obviously put 5 in Action. I'll put 4 in Romance (like I said, dashing), 3 in Science, and 2 in Mystery (not a sleuth, this guy).

Next step is Advantages! I get five advantages, or five points to spend on advantages, but they don't seem to have different point costs, so really I just get five. They can be Companions, Talents, or Reputations (or I could make one up).

One thing I do like: On the character sheet, there's a section for a Sidekick, with all the relevant slots for numbers. You know, I think I will take a sidekick for Conway. I kinda want Conway to be a driver of some kind - motorcycle, maybe? (I feel like airplanes are too limiting.) So I'll take Vehicle as an advantage, and then I'll take a Sidekick who can maintain it and add gadgets.

So my sidekick is my goddaughter Amy Lewiston, daughter of my best friend Artemus, killed in Her Majesty's service (Conway's not British, but Lewiston was). Amy gets a style at 3, one at 2, and one at 1, so clearly that's Science, Mystery, Action, respectively.

Anyway, Amy developed my motorcycle (complete with detachable sidecar and front-mounted cannons) based on her father's designs.

Right, so that's two advantages down. I'll take Talent: Dashing Smile, Fighting Style: Pistol Whip (Conway can shoot, but he'd rather crack a dude with the butt of his gun), and Talent: Driver. That's all five of those, then.

Next step is Flair! This is three descriptive facets of my character - doesn't give me a bonus, just makes me stand out. So, Conway's are: Flashy smile, aviator jacket, and silver-plated pistol.

And finally, my Serial, which is an idea taken from Spirit of the Century (and the game text says as much). This is just a title and a summary, so the title of Conway's serial is: Onward to Victory! (Wartime propaganda, maybe?) The summary is: "Nothing can slow Winston Conway down...except maybe her!" (Her, who? Something for the GM to play with, I think.)

And that's done, in fact.