Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Night's Black Agents! Whoa!

I ran this game on Saturday, and then GenCon prep got geared up and I completely forgot to do the write-up. Blah.

So! Last time, the agents ended an op and decided they'd head out Lithuania and see just what the conspiracy was hiding (part of the reasoning was that the last time they did this, it led them to the Isle of Man and they got some pretty useful intel, so). They set themselves up with a safehouse, and then MacAteer started taking low-level thug jobs using a connected cover, someone who knows Matis Bagdones (who, remember, was a merc/driver in the Isle of Man and is now in Budapest prison).

His first gig was just taking a bunch of stolen stuff out of a warehouse. Bringing his impressive array of skills to bear, he noted that one of the guys, Soulis, was being taciturn - he was deflecting questions and just generally not saying anything. They toughs all went out drinking after the job, and Soulis was using the same kinds of tricks MacAteer was to avoid getting drunk.

MacAteer contacted the others, managed to finagle a moment alone with Soulis, and punched him in the head, dazing him long enough to get him to a second site. There, he and Ess got to work on interrogation...

...and realized he was an undercover cop. Shit.

They salvaged the situation, though, with some quick use of Cover and some other skills. They claimed to be Interpol, looking into human trafficking out of Vilinus, and paid for Soulis' emergency dental work. He was glad to have the help, and was apparently reporting to just one CO (probably to avoid leaks getting him killed). That gave the agents an in, and potentially some backup.

Meanwhile, Parker wrote Sedillo a letter and asked about reproduction - the agents had learned that Hajnal supposedly had a son, which they thought gave them a timeline for when he was turned. But if Sedillo was right, if these vampires could reproduce, that didn't necessarily mean anything - he could be hundreds of years old. She wrote back and said that it might very well be possible for a vampire to have a child with a human, but she wasn't sure, genetically, what that would look like. Likewise, the child of two vampires would probably be a vampire from birth, but it was hard to know without experiments that she wasn't equipped to do.

The agents also noticed a lot of interference in wireless communication in Vilinus, which is weird because it's usually really good in Europe. They took a few days to build a device that could analyze and track the disturbance, and then drove around the city following the boops. This led them north, into a state park, and eventually down a disused dirt road. They concealed their van and waited. Hours later, a Hummer emerged and left.

They decided to check it out. Gambone and Ess posed as hikers (backpack to conceal the device) and sneaked through the woods. They saw a jeep with a couple of guards armed with assault rifles, but they weren't sure what was beyond that. We'll find that out next time.