Sunday, July 30, 2017

Movie #417: Milo & Otis

Milo & Otis is, weirdly, an English re-dub of a Japanese movie. Dudley Moore narrated the English version, which otherwise has no people in it.

It's the story of a kitten (Milo) and a pug pup (Otis) who live on a farm, and then one day Milo gets swept away by a river, Otis chase after him, they have various misadventures including Otis fighting a goddamn bear and Milo falling off a goddamn cliff until finally they meet up again, both find mates (who knew there was another pug randomly wandering the wastes?), hole up in caves for the winter and both have babies, and then all go back to the farm together. Hurray!

The movie is cute and everything, except...there was apparently a lot of controversy when it was released because there were rumors of a lot of animal cruelty (one rumor said that as many as 20 kittens died filming the movie), but no one could verify it because it was all filmed in Japan and there were no records of the animals being treated well, or not. But like, that's clearly a cat falling from a cliff. That's clearly a pug wrestling with a bear. That can't be safe.

Anyway, I think we picked it up on VHS when Teagan was small for like a buck fifty at Half-Price Books and I just never bothered watching it before. Teagan liked it when she was younger; now it's just kinda uncomfortable. On top of all that, it's boring. It just kind of rambles and has this sprawling, not very interesting narrative where the animals keep running, then they see a fox, and the fox jumps around, and then...nothing happens. And then there's a deer, and the deer teaches the cat to frolic, and...nothing happens. Teagan and I joked that they just put the animals out in the woods, filmed it, and then added the narration later, which, horribly, may not have been inaccurate.

My Grade: F
Rewatch Value: IINSIAIFWT

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