Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Feng Shui: Fight at the Museum!

Last time, the Dragons mixed it up with some Jade Wheel types, but it was all just a wacky misunderstanding. This time, they started off searching for Spider Feng. Celeste found a blood trail, and followed it, she and Bai leap across buildings (and Tang just teleporting) while Chrys followed in her car and Captain Ping and his folks followed in their van.

They arrived at the museum, which was both where the blood trail led and the place the shopkeeper said he'd taken inspiration for his room setup from. Bai, Celeste, and Tang popped in through an open wind, while Chrys and the other folks (Ping, Zep, Ban Wei, and the mooks) charged in the front, dodging people streaming out

And why the panic? Because Spider Feng was fighting with a dude in robes! He crackled with sorcerous energy, and Feng fought bravely, but was clearly getting overwhelmed...but now the dude was badly outnumbered!

But alas! He threw his hands to the ceiling and magic lanced down! Celeste quickly made a gesture, disrupting the ritual, and protecting her fellow Dragons, but all the others were mind-controlled, and the fight was on.

Spider Feng leaped to the second level (where Bai, Celeste, and Tang were) and kicked Tang right in the head. She and Bai fought, and she dropped into a splits and punched Bai right in a very uncomfortable place (like the back of a Volkswagon?). Meanwhile, Celeste shot one of the mooks in the leg, dropping him and giving the other ones pause.

Big Ban Wei pushed a statue over onto Tang and Bai, and then threw a big chunk of wreckage at them. The dude in robes flew up into the air, but Tang tackled him to the ground and Celeste used her knowledge of disrupting magic to...disrupt his magic. He lost the ability to fly, but could still throw magic lightning!

Chrys, meanwhile, had a not-terrible-subtle way of getting involved. She jacked the aforementioned van and drove it right into the museum, knocking a bunch of mooks out of the way and putting Ping on her windshield. He pulled out a gun and tried to shoot her. BOXCARS. The bullet bounced off the windshield and knocked him out.

Meanwhile, Feng and Bai were still mixing it up. Feng went to spin-kick Bai in the back of the neck. BOXCARS. And Feng fell off the damn balcony, pulled a bunch of debris on top of her and knocking herself out.

Zep tossed a grenade under the van and blew it up, but Chrys jumped to safety. She pulled out Johnny (her gun) and went to fire at the dude in robes. BOXCARS. And two mooks in front of her exploded with magic energy, knocking her back.

(Seriously, we had three boxcars and they were all bad for the people rolling.)

At this point, Tang was about done with this nonsense. He jumped up into the air and landed on the dude in robes, bringing his fists down on the dude's head. That dropped him and broke the spell; the others woke up.

They realized they had to work quickly. They could already hear sirens (Tang: "I miss the future"). They found the tableau that Celeste had seen in her vision, and behind a painting she found a message from her sister: "White Serpent."

Cut to getting noodles later: Spider Feng identified "White Serpent" as a circle of sorcerers, one of several cults dedicated to a strange figure named "the Eternal Chameleon." Said Chameleon, or "Leon" for short, had cults in every juncture dedicated to resurrecting him should he die...and now, apparently, he was here in the contemporary juncture. And the Dragons are gonna go fuck him up.

Epilogue: A shadowy man on a shadowy throne turns to his shadowy lieutenant. "They're coming. Remember, I want one of them alive. Kill the rest."

The lieutenant responds: "Eek. Ook."