Thursday, March 2, 2017

Feng Shui: Back to the Block

Monday was a short session of Feng Shui. Here we go!

The Dragons made it back to the contemporary juncture, and Dani (who goes by "Chrys Archer" in this juncture) headed for her apartment to get a change of clothes. From there, they headed back to the storefront, and Celeste went out to get lattes (the things you miss while you're in an ape-dominated far future).

While she was on the train headed back, she saw a woman watching her. This woman was slight, but athletic, and had a spider tattoo on her hand. Celeste thought she looked familiar, but couldn't place her. She dodged her at the bus station, and headed back to the storefront, convinced she'd lost her shadow.

The Dragons hung around at the storefront for a while; Chrys meditated to synch herself up with the Feng Shui site, and Celeste talked with Sylvan Master about the woman she'd see. He recognized her as Spider Feng, an associate of the Jade Wheel Society and someone that the Dragons had fought before (about the time that Johnny showed up and they claimed this Feng Shui site). Feng was an Ascended, an animal that had assumed human form. The Dragons wondered if, were she to assume her natural form, she'd be a normal-sized spider? They weren't sure, but knew to be wary.

Celeste then began looking for her sister, Melody. She started by sketching the room that she'd seen in her vision. Sylvan Master then flipped through some image recognition for the whole city (wah-hoo!) and found a few possibles. The closest one was an antique store, so off they went!

They arrived (and Tang yanked up a parking meter to use as a weapon, should the need arise). They went inside, and the owner did not recognize Melody from a photo. Celeste found the furniture setup that looked like the room in her vision, but the owner said that he'd taken inspiration from a museum exhibit he'd seen - and said museum was also on the list. They were about to head out, when Spider Feng walked in.

Celeste suggested they head outside, and Feng agreed. With her was Big Ban Wei, a huge pile of muscle, and nearby, a guy waiting in a car, clearly armed (his name is Zep). The Dragons were wary, of course, but then there came an explosion from the shop!

Chrys, in a clear display of the tree not being far from the fallen apple, pulled her guns and said, "OK, let's do this!" Feng leaped over and disarmed her, and the fight was on. A bunch of dudes in black uniforms, led by Captain Ping, charged around the corner and fired on the Dragons, but missed them. Celeste shot a couple (but just to wound), and Zep pulled his car out to block the Dragon's car. Tang teleported on his hood and smashed in the windshield, and Zep shot him (seemed reasonable).

Ban Wei charged in, but Bai smacked him around with his staff and took him out (BOXCARS!). Feng, having taken some shots from Chrys and Bai, Cheesed It, and vanished in a swirl of ribbons. Ping, about this point, gave up and told his men to stand down, and asked why the Dragons had attacked. Chrys retorted that Feng attacked them, and Ping said, no, you pulled guns and said "let's do this," which was a clear precursor to attack.

But the explosion! Ah, yes. Celeste went around back and talked to a kid who'd been hiding in the alley. He said that a man in a black uniform had planted the bomb on the building, and that his eyes had glowed green. Ping, told this, realized he was missing a man, and they found said man unconscious across the street, missing his uniform. Someone was playing both the Dragons and the Ascended!

Ping said that they'd come to parley with the Dragons, but Feng knew the details and she's been spooked (turns out that Bai, if he'd taken Feng out, would have knocked her back into animal form and she wasn't having that). Bai figured he could track Feng mystically, though, so that's where we're headed next time.