Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Feng Shui: The Ape Comes Due

Ooh, momma.

Well, last time, the Dragons got into a fight at the museum and learned that "Leon" was also known as "the Eternal Chameleon," a sorcerer with cults across the junctures dedicated to bringing him back to life if he died. And, it seemed that he and his contemporary cult, the White Serpents, wanted Melody, Celeste's sister, for some nefarious purpose! Spider Feng and her people agreed to lead the Dragons to the White Serpent hideout, but only if they agreed to give them the feng shui site there.

So! The Ascended Ones led them to a skyscraper, and they drove up to the top of the parking structure next to it. But apparently the sorcerers knew they were coming - a women with magical black wings swooped in and blew up the ramp under the Ascended Ones' van, taking them out of the fight (so I don't have to deal with a bunch of NPCS).

Chrys swung the car around facing the butterfy-woman, Celeste bailed and wrapped her whip around the woman's foot. But then windows on the skyscraper next to them opened, and a whole host of sorcerers appeared! Along with them, a man in a business suit with a big gun! One of the sorcerers, with a bladed braid in his hair, leaped down into the midst of the Dragons, while snake people crawled up from the parking garage. The battle was joined.

The fight was long and arduous, but the Dragons were victorious; highlights include:

  • Chrys blowing snake-people apart with Johnny (her pistol). 
  • Victor, the dude in the suit, accidentally vaporizing a bunch of mooks.
  • Bai calling down healing petals to heal up his comrades.
  • Black Butterfly utterly failing to harm Bai with magic.
  • Jun Ji, the dude with the blade-braid, coming really close to slicing off Bai's face, only to miss when he Staved Off the Monkey.
  • Black Butterfly's magic shredding Bai's staff.
  • Celeste parkour-ing her way up into the building and wrapping her whip around Victor's neck, whereupon Tang appeared behind him and shoved him out the window.
They interrogated Victor, and he (eventually) revealed that Melody was in the building, but that the Eternal Chameleon would be waiting for them. Then he uncoiled the whip and fell to his death. 

The Dragons went into the elevator to the penthouse, searching for Leon, and hoo-boy, they found him. The elevator opened, and they found a horde of armed security (including a hopping vampire and a badass with two pistols), Leon casting a spell on Melody as she lay bound in a summoning pit, and Thrill Kill Mandrill! "Kill them!" shrieked Leon, and the battle was, again, joined!

Celeste charged out, gunning down mooks, and made for Leon. Thrill Kill swung on a chandelier and fired into the elevator, wounding some of the Dragons, but they eventually made it out and started fighting. Thrill Kill focused mostly on Wu Tang, predictably, and the two pounded on each other with parking meters and huge ape-fists. Chrys suffered a bite from the vampire, but eventually blew a big hole in it with Johnny and Bai smashed his fist into it and ripped out its spine. Bai also set Leon's robes on fire (after pretty much everyone got at least one good hit in), and then Celeste shot him, downing him...but is Leon immortal? Are his methods supernatural?

NO TIME TO WORRY ABOUT THAT! Thrill Kill was still in the room, the mooks were around and occasionally dangerous, and Linda, the security op, was taking shot (and mostly missing). Tang finally teleported over the ape and dropped the hammer on him (by "hammer" I mean "parking meter"), and wounded him. Thrill Kill charged, and pounded the ground. BOXCARS.

He pounded the ground, and his missed, but he hit the summoning circle. Magic flared up, and dragged Linda (on the edge of the circle) down into the Netherrealm. He traded blows with Tang, and then turned to attack the others. Tang, behind him, used Push to throw him out of the window, and Thrill Kill fell many stories, landing on the pavement like a sack of chunk beef soup, and the parking meter landed next to him, ticking over to EXPIRED. 

Back in the room, the mooks gave up. Celeste was bloodied, but unbowed, and Melody was safe. She's joined up with these idiots because they'd promised to teach her magic. "Welcome to the Chi War," said Chrys.

Wu Tang looked out the window at his fallen foe...and then collapsed, dead, his skull crushed by Thrill Kill's relentless assault. 

The Dragons took his body back to the Future juncture for a funeral pyre, and of course Chrys had to stay in bed a few weeks eating sticky rice to clear out the contagion from the vampire. The Dragons are resting. The end of their journey is near, and with the magical knowledge they've gained from Melody about the White Serpents, they can, perhaps, find the final vision in the Ancient juncture and end this war.

We shall see.