Thursday, January 26, 2017

Promethean: Mmm, beignets

Monday was Promethean, and you'd think by now I'd know to do the write-up before Thursday, but it's been kind of a busy week. Anydangway!

Feather, Avalon, and Grimm arrive in New Orleans and head for Cafe Dumond - Feather wants to introduce the others to beignets. Matt, who was off on his own searching for his creator, catches up with them there. Enoch is missing; he had something to handle on his own before getting to New Orleans (also his player was out Monday). 

Feather and Matt look around the cafe for Pilgrim Marks. Feather finds one scratched into the ceiling meaning "atonement", while Matt finds one on a nearby bench by the river meaning "refuge this way" and pointing downriver. Feather, now following Plumbum and the Chronicler Role, decides to find this "refuge," and Matt (also Plumbum, but the Ascetic Role) goes with her. Meanwhile, Avalon goes into the city and visits a statue garden, while Grimm goes looking for trouble. 

Avalon's the one that finds trouble, though. One of the statues in the garden comes to life and leaps at her - a Pandoran! She uses the Flesh to Stone Alembic to stun it, but that won't last long, so she texts Feather for help. Feather, knowing she's too far away, texts Grimm and hesitates (earning her a Beat). Grimm, of course, is down for a challenge. He races to the statue garden and sees Avalon getting her hand chewed up, and grabs the thing and tosses it to the ground. It bites his shin, but Avalon petrifies it again and Grimm stomps it to pieces. 

Feather and Matt follow the river around to an inlet, still submerged after the hurricane. Feather, figuring there might be more Pilgrim Marks, dives in, and Matt follows. Feather dives deep, but Matt feels something swim by them. He peers close, and sees a creature with an alligator's head, a fish-like body, and two horribly human baby-legs on the back. It bites at Feather, but Matt grabs it and wrestles it. And then they feel Azoth call to Azoth - Skip?

On the bank, a gateway opens and Skip emerges. He says goodbye to Ellie (his guide through the Hedge, as depicted here), and looks around. He feels his throngmates and sees thrashing in the water, and jumps in, smashing the creature down into the muck. The three Prometheans swim for shore, not wanting to face this thing in the water (smart). They reunite with Skip, and decide to head back into the city to see the others. 

Avalon, meanwhile, has gone back to the place where the Pandoran-statue was and reads that the sculptor was someone named Parris Mick. Wondering if this person is a Promethean or just a very unlucky sculptor, she resolves to look them up. She and Grimm get back together with the others and they figure they need some juice. There's a power station across the river, so the characters look around and find a boat-tour still operating. On Sunday. At night. They pay a bit of money and the boatmen takes them across. Grimm makes small talk, and the boatman tells him that there's nothing over there but swamp and the power station; he seems strangely at ease with the notion of taking them to either place. During the conversation, Grimm uses a Luciferus Distillation to make himself more likable, and the man opens up a bit - he's obviously some kind of supernatural being (though he doesn't say what) and claims to be part of the "Bone Krewe." He talks a bit about the "troubles" that happened recently.

What troubles? Well, a few years back, the dead in New Orleans started getting up and walking around, and it was up to the various supernatural creatures to put them down again. The boatman was part of that. He wasn't sure what might have caused that to happen, but it was right after Katrina...Feather speculates that the storm that destroyed the "refuge" might have also raised the dead. Avalon and Grimm go to grab the power lines and heal up/refill Pyros, while the others continue chatting. The boatman seems curious about them, but is polite. Skip mentions that when he was in the Underworld, he met a man in black with a bunch of silver charms who said Skip should look him up. The boatmen strokes Skip's palm and flicks through his memories (he's already done this to Grimm, too) and says he knows the guy, and he'll pass a message along.

When they get back, Avalon finds the address for Parris Mick's studio, and goes to visit. She knocks on the door and Parris - a thin, pale woman with dozens of butterflies tattooed on her arms and shoulders - answers. They talk and she acknowledges the statue, but then gets spooked (Disquiet) and leaves. It's then that Avalon notices the carving above her door - the same one the throng found on Charles Rivers' body back in Chicago, "leave me in peace." Is Parris, then, a Redeemed Promethean? Maybe. That in mind, the throng decides to leave her alone.

They go and get dinner. While eating, they feel another Promethean arrive - this one is small, skinny, and immediately comes over and asks if he can finish people's plates. He introduces himself as "Sicky," and Avalon asks if that's what he wants to be called. He says no one ever asked him that, and that seems significant to him. Feather takes his Measure and figure he's on Cuprum at the moment.

Sicky tells the characters a little about New Orleans - seems there was a camp of Prometheans (the refuge), but the Wasteland built up and destroyed it. Sicky confesses that he carved the symbol above Parris' door and says that she used to be a Promethean, one of the folks in the camp. He says that most of the others have scattered, but a few still remain in the area - New Orleans kinda attracts weirdness. He tells them that vampires in New Orleans don't like the Created much (the throng says the feeling is mutual). Feather asks about the inlet, and Sicky says that the alligator-monster is a Pandoran, created by a Promethean named Barbara. The throng figures maybe they'll go back and deal with that thing tomorrow. 

Sicky recommends that they dampen their Azoth; there are things in this city that can track them. Feather does so with a Distillation, but the others have to do it the old-fashioned way, which is dangerous. Sicky offers the throng a place to stay, and after dinner leads them to an abandoned building where he crashes. The throng beds down - it's been a long day and night, and New Orleans is only going to get weirder.