Saturday, February 4, 2017

Feng Shui: Fightin' in Caves

Ah, week got away from me. Feng Shui was Monday! Blam-balam-bam!

So! Last time the characters got into a fight with some river pirates, and lost Wildfire down a waterfall. This time, we pick up as they enter the cave system behind said waterfall...and are immediately attacked by hideous cave-crawler mutants!

The Dragons fight off the creatures, and also manage to free Wildfire from the device clinging to his back that prevents him from changing into his monster form. They press on into the cave system, knowing that there's a feng shui site in here that requires them to liberate it. They come to a basin that slides down into a mud pit, and Dani slides down, heedless of danger (we see where Johnny got it).

The crawlers hiding in the mud immediately attack, because of course they do, and are joined by a horrible claw-monster on the ceiling and a mutant with a bow up in the rocks somewhere. Tang teleports up and tries to smack the archer, but misses, and then he throws Wildfire at him, who also misses. Celeste, however, manages to rope his legs with her whip and yank him down to his doom. The Dragons win, but are hurt, and they must press on.

And finally, they find a huge stone dais carved from the rock. A whole bunch of crawlers surrounded it, and also several mutants - one leaking toxic fluids, one wearing a chef's apron and carrying a cleaver, and one who looks...strangely normal. And then a huge, hulking mutant with cybernetics lumbers out. Tang and Dani recognize his face...he's made from the remains of Si Borg.

Obviously, the battle is joined. Dani shoots at false-Si, but the chef-monster whips a tongue at her and pulls her into close combat. The normal-looking one jumps at Celeste and horrible fanged mouths open all over his chest. Wildfire charges in to help Dani and takes a bite out of Cookie (who screams "NOOOO! SEASON ME FIRST!"), but things look bleak. Psycho-Si fires a grenade at the Dragons and fires guns from his hand. Dani runs up to shoot him point-blank, and he backhands her off the dais and knocks her out. Bai smacks Toxie and sets him alight, but takes acid damage in the process.

And then the tide turns! Psycho-Si marks Wildfire with a chemical that makes all the less mutants swarm him, but they can't chew through his hide. Tang throws a stalactite at Psycho-Si and punches him into next week, shutting down his cybernetics, and he falls apart. His parts start beeping ominously, and the Dragons fall back...but Wildfire, still grappling with like a dozen enemies, roars, "GO! I'll hold them off!"

Behind them, as they dive for cover in the mud-basin, they hear a boom. They go back and amidst the bodies, they find Wildfire's human body, wearing blue spurs, at peace, perhaps.

The Dragons claim the site (and get an advancement!). Dani laments that she's been sucked back into the Chi War, but it's what both Johnny and Si - the real Si - would have wanted. The Dragons head for a portal to venture into the contemporary juncture and find Celeste's sister.