Thursday, January 5, 2017

Feng Shui: A Trip Down the River

Monday began our new story arc in Feng Shui.

Last time, the Dragons lost another of their number: Johnny Archer was killed by ape-splosions. The Dragons trekked through the futuristic wastelands and came upon some kind of parley happening on a river's edge.

One group, the larger one, were on jet skis and a couple of boats. The other, one woman leading four men, stood around a couple of motorcycles and a souped-up car. As the Dragons walked into their midst, the folks around the bikes recognized Wu Tang and the red in Celeste's hair, and started chatting with them.

The leader of the other faction, a decked-out-in-bling pirate sort of woman, looked up, saw Wu Tang, and angrily demanded what he was doing here. The woman she was parley-ing with, wearing a faded Chili Peppers t-shirt and driving gear, didn't know.

But Tang recognized the pirate woman: She was Captain Belle Reaver, and there had been a little dispute over payment for river protection at one point. Belle, seeing Tang being all chummy with the other woman's faction, said that the "deal" needed to be revised - she'd just take the woman's car as payment, if she was running with Wu Tang.

The woman drew her pistol and cocked it - this wasn't happening. Her followers whispered to the Dragons that they ought to decide what to do when it all went down, 'cause it was about to. Wildfire took that to heart, and jumped onto Belle's boat, changing to beast form. The boats took off the down the river, and the Dragons jumped in vehicles as well. Celeste (who'd been shamelessly flirting with one of the bikers; he liked her whip) jumped on a bike, as did Bai. Tang hopped in the souped-up car belonging to the mysterious woman, and off we went!

The Dragons witnessed Belle slap something that looked like a smoke detector on Wildfire, and he shuddered and reverted to human form, dropped unconscious to the deck (+Matthew Karafa was out on Monday, so I had to sideline his character). The woman in the car kept pace with the boats, more or less, dropped behind and catching up, while the mooks on jetskis and motorcycles did...less well. Celeste whipped a dude off a jetski and took it from him, and Bai jumped from the motorcyle onto the back of a jetski, kicking the passenger off. Tang teleported to the back of Celeste's jetski (who was rolling Driving unskilled to keep up and doing a fine job of it), and then teleported to Belle's boat.

Belle, though, is a canny combatant, and dodged Tang's fists of fury. But then Bai landed on the boat and struck at Belle with his staff. BOXCARS.

The boat spun, and got lodged against the banks as the river narrowed. Wildfire was jarred off the boat and swept downstream, but Belle knew when to give up. She shrugged, and berated her minions for not doing a better job with this. "You OK, Dani?"

Dani - that is, Dani California, the leader of the other faction, was fine, and her car was undamaged, which is the important thing. She revealed that her real last name was Archer - Si's wife, Johnny's mother. She already had heard of Johnny's death, but was appreciative of the Dragons for helping her and looking after Johnny while he traveled with them.

But now the Dragons have another problem - Wildfire got swept over the falls, down to where the Psycho Siblings lurk in a cavern. That cavern is also a Feng Shui site, the one that Dani and Si had once guarded. Wildfire is in trouble.