Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Feng Shui: Did It for Johnny

Last night we finished a story arc in Feng Shui. It was pretty intense. 

We begin as the characters enter the main building, what used to be Genomic Solutions in the Contemporary Juncture. The building is, of course, huge, and the big enclosures are still along the sides (though the glass has been broken out), but now there are big rocks all over the place, and a dais with a broken statue of Furious George next to it. At the other end of this huge structure is the dreaded Thrill Kill Mandrill, and an orangutan in a lab coat, standing near a big steel device, kinda like the thing they used to make Captain America. 

The Dragons enter, and Thrill Kill screams to kill them! And then came the monkeys. A bunch of soldier-apes, sure, but also foes that the Dragons had fought already: Ba-boom, holding his grenade launcher! Smilin' Bill, aiming a rifle! Silverback, roaring in rage! Albrecht, carefully choosing his strike! Sneaky Monkey, drawing her serrated sword! Drunky Monkey, swilling from his flask and screeching at Bai! And, worst of all, Ape Mask Replicant, staring down Wu Tang. 

(Cue this song for full effect.)

The battle is joined! Bai leaps into the fray (well, into a cluster of mooks) to get closer to Drunky, his nemesis. Celeste cracks her whip and yanks Ape Mask Replicant's submachine gun away, and Replicant shrugs and pulled her rifle, shooting Tang. Ba-boom fires a grenade, but Tang ducks and it flies out the door harmlessly. Tang teleports over to Ba-boom and yanks the grenade launcher away, and then teleports further into the room to confront Thrill Kill Mandrill.

This would prove to be a mistake. 

Johnny finds a silver push-cart and skateboards into the fray, knocking over monkeys (and waving to Bill). Bai sets Drunky on fire with his Fire Palm, and continues blocking the shots of the monkeys all around (they're mooks, so they miss a lot). Sneaky creeps around and attacks Celeste, but Celeste unloads on him and then kicks him across the room. 

Wildfire (who tends to suffer from low initiative) jumps up and bites into Ape Mask Replicant; she jumps away and shoots him. Ba-boom runs away for another grenade launcher, and scampers back in time to see Bai finish off Drunky with a kick to the head. Silverback punches the crap out of Johnny and Bai, and Albrecht creeps up and strikes Dragons in the head as necessary. 

Meanwhile, Tang, as mentioned, faces off against Thrill Kill. He snaps the grenade launcher two and flings it at Thrill Kill, but misses. Thrill Kill, for his part, hits a button and two machine guns pop up. They fire on Tang, wounding him, and then Thrill Kill beckons him down to fight. Tang does his best, but Thrill Kill jumps up and pile-drives him, dropping him. He holds Tang's motionless body up and howls in triumph.

Wildfire follows Ape Mask, lands on her and rends her to shreds (Tang clings to consciousness just long enough to see his friend kill his mortal enemy, and then passes the heck out). Ba-boom, horrified, fires a grenade and damages Silverback and Albrecht...but blows Johnny underneath the dais, unconscious. The three remaining Dragons know they have no chance against Bill, Ba-boom, Silverback, Albrecht, and Thrill Kill (who hasn't been touched!) and so they Cheese It. 

But they are not leaving their friends to die. Oh, no.

Celeste and Bai heal each other up a bit (neither have the Medicine skill, but they can fake it; we did joke that in a game of Monsterhearts that healing scene would have been very different). Wildfire, of course, heals on his own. They decide to climb the building and drop down near the weird regeneration-chamber thing; maybe they can get the others back.

The others, meanwhile, are alive - they've been healed a little (I had them roll for a Death Check, but instead of dying it was to see if they keep their Mark of Death from the fight; Johnny did, Tang didn't). 

They lower themselves in on Celeste's rope, and see Johnny and Tang strapped to turned-upright beds with IVs draining their blood into the regeneration chamber. Thrill Kill screams to the assembled monkeys that their Master will awaken soon!

And Bai swings on the rope and lands next to him, striking the ape in the lab coat. Celeste and Wildfire land behind the beds and untie Tang and Johnny, respectively, and Tang picks up the bed, jumps off the pedestal, and breaks the bed over Thrill Kill's head. 

(Cue this song for full effect.) 

Silverback leaps up on the pedestal to mix it up with Wildfire. Smilin' Bill jumps up on a rock and shoots Bai, and Celeste levels the gun she stole from Ape Mask and fires back. "Smile at this." 

BOXCARS. Bill goes flying off the rock, his lifeless gorilla body crashing against the dais. 

Bai strikes the ape in the lab coat and sets him on fire, but he quickly pats himself out. He then grabs the ape by the throat and demands to know how to stop the process; Dr. Zabbity says that there is no way! So Bai slams his head against the machine. 

Ba-boom fires a grenade and does some damage, but damages the chamber as well. Thrill Kill snarls at him, but Tang (having teleported clear) picks up a rock brains the Mandrill with it, and then...picks it up and hits him again. 

Meanwhile, Wildfire and Silverback are trading blows. Wildfire goes for the bite. BOXCARS. They fall off the pedestal and roll behind a rock, and Wildfire emerges, victorious, covering in gorilla blood. 

Ba-boom, seeing the writing on the wall, Cheese It. 

Thrill Kill yells to Albrecht to open the chamber, and he starts fiddling with knobs and dials, but Celeste shoots the panel and he Cheeses It, unable to complete his task and seeing Thrill Kill bleeding. 

Johnny picks up a piece of rebar and wangs Thrill Kill on the head, and Thrill Kill takes the blow and punches him back. He then jumps back to the chamber and rips off the door, just as Celeste yells "Fire in the hole!" and shoots something volatile. She sees a slim Chinese man step out, and Thrill Kill kneel before him, just before the whole thing explodes.

The dust settles, and Johnny staggers up to Tang and hands him a notebook...before collapsing dead. Tang kneels down and closes his eyes. "Shimmy ya, Johnny."

The notebook (which Johnny found in the rubble) contains a detailed account of the Chi War by Si Borg. The last page is a letter addressed to Tang, telling him that if he's reading this, Si is dead, but that he'd dedicated himself to protecting a site of power (near here, across the bridge, in fact). He also asks Tang to look in on his boy, if he ever manages to get to the Contemporary Juncture. It's signed Si "Borg" Archer. 

Johnny's mother, it seems, was from the Contemporary Juncture but wound up here, and Si Borg was his father. No wonder Thrill Kill wanted his blood for his foul science-sorcery. 

The characters bury Johnny, and strike out toward the bridge. What new adventures away in the world of...Feng Shui?