Sunday, November 27, 2016

Character Creation: Byron Falls

I have a few minutes, sure, let's do a quick character.

The Game: Byron Falls
The Publisher: John Wick Presents
Degree of Familiarity: None, but it ain't like it's complicated.
Books Required: Just the one.

Byron Falls hits a lot of the same notes as Monsterhearts, but it's much tamer and much less fully realized. It's apparently the result of a dare, and it's kind of thrown together; the rules are being revised or change in the text of the game, which doesn't fill me with a lot of confidence (like, if it's worth publishing, it's worth firming up, just IMO, but then again my Kickstarter didn't make a million bucks so what do I know?).

Anydangway, Byron Falls is a small town with a lot of supernatural creatures, and also clever, pretty, witty girls, who are supposed to be the PCs, except that the rule about everyone playing girls was apparently dropped.

Starting off, we need a name, which has a secret symbolic meaning that only a few people will figure out. I think I want my character to be the bored scion, latest issue in a long line of Byron Falls-ians. In fact, hell, his family name is Byron (what, you thought it was named after the poet? Ha. It's named after my great-great-great-grandfather). His first name is Perry.

Now I get Interests. These are stats, basically. I get 3 points, but there are five Interests, so most of them are gonna be zero. I'll put one into Sports, one into Drama and one into Detention (which gives me like a 50/50 in anything I'm doing, which is meh, but whatever, I see Perry as kind of smirky and half-hearted in general).

Now, Friends. I get 10 points, and I can have at most 5 friends. No one friend can have more than 5 points. These can be NPCs or PCs, but since it's just me they'll all be PCs.

OK, so, my sister, Liz Byron, gets four points. She's a year older than Perry. They used to be closer than they are now, but she's drifting away now she's getting older and on the swim team and so on.

Bailey Bonner gets three points. He's a delinquent - in detention all the time. He also sells Perry pills sometimes. He has deep, soulful eyes, which Perry swears he's never noticed.

Finally, for three points, we've got Sera Raist. The Raist family has been close to the Byron family forever, and Sera and Perry were childhood friends. Sera spent last year studying abroad, but she's back in Byron Falls for high school.

Now I need an Enemy. The book tells me this should be another PC (anything else would be "wimpy") but a) I disagree and b) I don't have any other PCs anyway. Perry's enemy is Trisha Geistmann. Trish and Perry were friends in grade school, but Perry finds her clingy and coarse.

I list my Grade as freshman (it says "class" on the sheet, but whatevs) and that's actually it! Oh, I get 10 Soul Points, which I can use to succeed on rolls, but if I lose them all I die. Maybe. Maybe become a monster. It's all very loosey-goosey.

Anyway, that's me done!