Friday, July 26, 2013

Character Creation: Monsterhearts

I'm in Iowa, so obviously I should make a character for a game about sexy, teenage monsters.

No, really, I'm doing this because a) it's quick, b) I'm running this game in a few weeks, and c) I found some fillable Skins online.

The Game: Monsterhearts
The Publisher: Buried Without Ceremony
Degree of Familiarity: None. I've played Apocalypse World, which this is based on.
Books Required: Just the one.

So: Like I said, game about teenage monsters. Now, there are bits of this that would require a group, but I don't have one, so I'll just wing it. First thing I need to do is choose a Skin. "Skin" is, basically, what kind of monster are you.

I think I'll make The Ghoul (one thing that both this game and Apocalypse World - and the forthcoming curse the darkness hack - note is that if you play The Ghoul, you're not a ghoul. You're The Ghoul). I Hunger for something, but not necessarily flesh.

First thing: I choose a name. The book says I want a cold-sounding or guttural name, one that evokes death. I have an image of someone scratching on the inside of their coffin (might be because I just watched "The Grave Danger Job" of Leverage the other day). I'll name him Cask.

Next up, I "circle" two descriptors in the list. I pick "stiff" and "hollow eyes."

And then I pick an origin: resurrected, constructed, disturbed, rejected, sent. Ooh, I like those. Um. I think "sent" would be the most fun to play.

Then, stats. I have Hot -1, Cold 1, Volatile 1, Dark -1. That means I'm better at holding my ground and shutting people down than turning them on. I can add one to one of those; I think I'll add it to Dark.

I get three Moves. I get Hunger, and I get to pick whether it's flesh, fear, chaos, or power. Since I've been sent, I think chaos would be fun. My ghoul feeds on shaking things up, making people fight, getting people at each other's throats (I think maybe he works for a rakshasa).

And then I get two more Moves off a list. I don't want to be stitched together from parts. I do, however, like the idea of being unable to die, so I'll take Short Rest for the Wicked. And then I think Satiety, which means I get benefits when I feed my lust for chaos.

And that's actually it, because the other part of this would involve a group. I'd need to pick someone who reminded me what love was, and they get Strings on me, and then I could say that someone saw me resurrect, which would give us Strings on each other.

Sounds good. That was easy.