Sunday, September 18, 2016

Character Creation: Iron Edda

Call me crazy, but I like making sure I've made characters for games I'm running.

The Game: Iron Edda: War of Metal and Bone
The Publisher: Exploding Rogue
Degree of Familiarity: A goodly amount. It's Fate Core/Accelerated, which I know pretty well, and I've run a session.
Books Required: Just the one to make characters, though having Fate Core to hand is helpful.

So! You can see the game I'm running here, so I'm not gonna summarize the game. The issue that I run into, as is often true in this project, is that the game would like it if I had a group, but I don't. No matter, the book includes several sample settings, which is nice, so I will pick one. I like "A Tale of Blood and Darkness" by +Lillian Cohen-Moore, so I'll assume that my hypothetical GM is gonna run that. When the Group Aspect comes up in chargen, I'll instead do an Aspect about how I fit into this situation.

In brief: The community of Selah is having a celebration for spring, but there are weird shadow-spirits that killed the Jarl's son recently. There's a very cool murder-mystery vibe going on.

Ooh, so, what do I want to play? When I played this game with +Tracy at Origins, I played a Seer and used a bunch of raven-based magic, which was cool. I kinda want to play a Bonebonded, though, a hero who's been bonded to the bones of a slain giant. I also want my character to have heard rumors of the shadow-spirits. I'll tie that in to my giant somehow, I think.

OK, so as is often true of Fate games, I must start with a High Concept. Grim-Faced Bonebonded Warrior about covers it, I think. This guy may have had humor at some point, but he lost it when he took up the bones. He's dour, never smiles, and he's old but sturdy. He might even be older than he looks, and be kept healthy by his giant.

Now I need a Trouble Aspect. I kind of don't want his dour demeanor to be the problem here; that's just kind of how he is. But I think we can relate it; I want him to be marked by Hel somehow. I'll call this Aspect Hel's Gaze Follows Me; the specter of death is always over his shoulder, and doesn't fear it, but it makes him fatalistic and untrusting.

Next I would do a Clan Aspect, but if you're Bonebonded you give up your Clan. I think this guy was Sparrow Clan before, real chatty and gregarious, and then the bones came.

My giant is called Runa the Riverbane. Years ago she blocked the Gjoll River, and fell in battle to Odin. Her bones lay at the bottom of the river until my character dove in to retrieve them, and rose up Bonebonded. Problem is, I think maybe Odin took offense. My Aspect here is This Bond Cost Me My Soul (this may or may not be true, but my character thinks it is, and Runa is strangely silent on the matter). I think that Runa is largely pretty helpful, for a giant. She's just glad to be off the riverbed.

Next I get a Sacred Item Aspect. I kinda like the idea that Odin killed Runa with Gungnir (his spear; no mention of a magic helmet), but Runa was tough enough to do some damage. When my character dove into the river, he came up with a splinter from Gungnir as well. I'll take Splinter of Gungir as my Aspect here.

Finally, the Group Aspect is going to relate to why I'm coming to Selah. I want to say he's heard rumors of the shadow-spirits, maybe even from Runa. Yeah, I'll take Runa Recognizes the Shadows as my Aspect here; she's clear enough that they're bad news, but she's either choosing not to tell me everything or can't for some reason.

Neat! Now stunts & skills & shit. I'll start by making my Bonebonded. This costs me two refresh, and I have to use one of my three stunts on my giant. I get six Approaches: Forceful, Clever, Quick, Careful, Flashy, and one more to make up. I think Runa's Approach is going to be Immoveable. She's damned hard to hurt or even move once she plants herself.

I'll put Immoveable at Good, Careful and Forceful at Fair, Clever and Flashy at Average, and Quick at Mediocre.

While I'm here, may as well do the stunt. I think I'll call it Force of the Raging River. Because Runa remembers the force of the river, she can Forcefully Attack at +2 when standing in a river.

Right, now I get two more stunts for me, not my giant. I'll take one stunt called Visions of Death. I can creep people out by talking about how they're going to die (I can't necessarily tell, though I think it'd be cool if my visions came true more often than not). +2 to Attack with Provoke if I talk about the target's death. And then I think Runa's unrelenting influence bleeds over. I get +2 to Overcome with Physique if I'm Overcoming natural phenomena (pushing through wind, snow, raging river, etc).

And now, Skills! I'll take Physique as my Great, Fight and Will as my Good, Provoke, Athletics, and Notice as my Fair, and Lore, Sail, Empathy, and Stealth as my Average.

I think that's it, actually. All I need's a name. We'll call him Einar Vatnsson. He looks like he's in his 50s (but is probably older). Muscular, built like a wall, long beard, long braids, all grey. His arms is blackened and rusted in places, but it works. He prefers big, heavy, weapons like maces (or, when in bone-form, rocks).