Sunday, July 24, 2016

Nobilis: Head Squids

I took a bunch of notes on my character sheet, but then +Travis collected them, so let's see how far I get on memory alone! Here are the characters, BTW.

Beginning on Erehwon Island: Woolaroo is with the weavers as they make new blankets. Isabel is teaching baby goats parkour. Tommy is at the local coffee shop, chatting with folks about movies. The Countess is out in the water, doing politics. Seems that the squids, which give up ink for squid-ink pasta, are tired of being milked like cattle, and the crabs have been encouraging them. The Countess is looking at a crustacean uprising, here, and that's unlikely to end well. She encourages her Anchor, Bon-bon the Nautilus, to lure the crabs towards traps, seeking to drive a wedge between the cephalopods and the crustaceans (it's always about the sea life with this group).

The characters are interrupted in their dealings by a knock - someone from Epicura, the Chancel next door, as it were, is wanting to come in. The Powers assemble by the door (in an old shed), and find the Power of Rejuvenation, Dr. Indra, asking permission to enter. She's here to make the milk sweeter and the lavender fresher, and the Powers happily allow her in. She goes about her business.

But just then, the lighthouse flicks on. Norton, the one-time Emperor of the United States and now the lighthouse-keeper on Erehwon, was signaling trouble. The Powers zip up to the lighthouse (Tommy complaining that they couldn't just cut away to them all being at the top, but no, they had to take the stairs). Norton indicates that a ship off the coast was laying in crab traps, which was going to screw with the delicate political situation. The Powers decide to drive away the ship, so Woolaroo (as Realm's Heart) calls up a storm, to which the others contribute. The boat flees, but the rain continues, driving down upon the town and stranding folks. The Powers figure that's fine; people will stay at the B&Bs on the island and spend some more money.

Woolaroo takes it upon herself to visit Epicura, and specifically the Power of Complementarity, named Pedro. They visit a bit, she invites him to drop by Erehwon, and she moves to leave.

Tommy, meanwhile, is back in the coffee shop, setting up a movie night. He notices a young man looking at some footage on his laptop, and strikes up a conversation. Turns out the man, LaTwon, is a military vet seeking to assemble footage he's been shooting across the country into a documentary about "real America." Tommy encourages him, and reminds him that perfect is the enemy of done. LaTwon agrees, and mentions that he met a man named Wes Williams out in L.A. who might be able to help him out.

Tommy grits his teeth; Wes Williams is the Power of Indie Film. There's a difference between "indie" and "independent," and the difference is artistic integrity.

Isabel and the Countess, after some time, decide they should check in on Dr. Indra, just to see if she's still on the island. They track down her Spark, but realize it's...gone. They follow the trail of fresh lavender and find her body splayed out in a field, alive, bleeding but un-Enobled. And that's not possible, because the only way to lose one's Power is to die. They rush her to the clinic, and try and contact Woolaroo and Tommy.

Woolaroo, though, has troubles of her own. As she's headed back toward the portal, she finds the ground becoming thorny and moths surrounding her. The Powers of Epicura - The Pack, the Power of Dogs; Louis, the Power of Confection; the Dude, the Power of Neglect; and Pedro surround her. It seems that Indra has vanished, her Spark seemingly gone, and the Powers of Epicura hold Erehwon responsible. "One of yours for one of ours," Louis says Frenchly.

Woolaroo pulls loose and flutters in the wind, not willing to be anyone's prisoner.

Meanwhile, back at the clinic, Isabel and Countess ask about what happened, but Indra doesn't really remember. She just knows she can't feel her Spark anywhere. Tommy arrives with a sprig of lavender, and waves it under her nose to induce a flashback scene (common trope in independent film), but bumps up against magical defense (big long word, begins with an A, can't be fucked to get up and grab my book). Countess asks if he can just turn on the TV and get info that way (Tommy has a Gift that lets him take advantage of the "TV is showing exactly what we need to know" trope), but Tommy refuses; he can't just do that with no reason to turn on the TV, it needs to happen organically. Remember, he has artistic integrity. He heads for the coffee shop.

Woolaroo, meanwhile, sends the others a message by rearranging threads on a blanket, which appears on the hospital blanket covering Indra. They explain the situation to the blanket (which Woolaroo relates), and Woolaroo digs into the Realm for information. Meanwhile, Tommy arrives at the coffee shop and talks with LaTwon. He buys the young filmmaker a sandwich and turns his computer away ("you gotta remember to eat, man"), but hits play and watches his footage. And low and behold, there's something useful there.

The footage shows Indra walking in a field. She collapses, and the last thing she sees is...Norton.

Next time, we'll perhaps find out why our emperor buddy has betrayed us.