Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Power of Blankets Compels You

So today, we made characters for +Travis's game of Nobilis. We're playing the 2nd Edition - that is, the Great White Book - which made some interesting moments during character creation as we worked to understand the prose.

But we're playing this game for a reason: We've got a table full of people who do the weird stuff, as it were. We didn't actually play today, just did chargen, but here's the characters:

  • +Michelle is Woolaroo, the Power of Blankets. She (it?) started life as a blanket, made by a grandmother for a grandchild, and was passed down through the family...but then was used to smother someone and was Ennobled shortly thereafter. 
  • +Dirty Heart (Sarah) is Isabel, the Power of Lavender. She was a goat. Yep, a goat. She lived near a little patch of lavender, and liked to eat it, roll in it, nestle in it, etc. That was enough to get her Ennobled. 
  • +Megan is The Countess, the Power of Cephalopods. She actually started human, and was doing research and discovered the last of the sentient cephalopods. It died, and she became the new Power.
  • I'm playing Tommy Edward Barry, Jr., the Power of Independent Film. He was a movie snob, watching a movie during a film festival at 3AM when he was Ennobled. 
We have our Chancel, it's called Erewhon Island, and it's off the Washington coast. It was once home to a Utopian commune, but that kind of fell apart. The people who live there now do have a kind of commune thing going on; they produce lavender and goat's milk products, and there's a burgeoning independent film movement in Seattle that likes to come out to the island and film (it's not crowded, but it's very picturesque). There's a coral reef off the shore; yes, it's too far north for that, but that's not the weirdest thing.

I don't know who our Imperator is yet (Travis is making that up), but we've got a gateway on the island that leads we know not where, so that'll be interesting. And we've got connections to a few other Powers - Woolaroo has a Bond with the Power of Homelessness, and my character's "brother" is the Power of Indie Film (he's the more successful of the two of us, if you count money as success rather than artistic integrity). 

This'll be a monthly game, so it'll be a while before we pick this up, but I'm excited!