Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Feng Shui: Tragedy Strikes!

Good session of Feng Shui last night. I realized, too, that when I take notes for games I've been running for a while, I've gotten pretty good at figuring out how they're going to go. So when something happens that's completely off the rails (pun intended, as you'll see) it's fun and exciting for me and (hopefully) the players.

Anyway, last time the characters appeared out of the Netherworld and into the Ol' West, just in time to see a group of bandits robbing a train. Celeste slid down the mountainside and kicked a bandit off his horse, starting the whole thing off. Johnny did likewise, flinging a cow skull that he found and de-horsing another dude, and wound up riding backwards, looking at a woman in a duster (one of the gang's leaders). Do tried to unhorse one, but failed, and wound up in the path of oncoming horses (but he recovered and landed on the train). Bai vaulted down and smacked the woman with his Palm of Fire, setting her clothes ablaze, but failing to unhorse her, and pulled himself onto the train instead.

Do, squaring off against the bandits on the train, suddenly found a knife in his shoulder with a playing card (the joker) wrapped around the handle. One of the still-riding bandits grinned, and fanned out a handful of knives. Another bandit tossed a lariat around Johnny's neck and yanked, while another bandit shot between the train cars at Johnny. Johnny rallied and yanked on the rope (the bandit wisely let it go).

Tang (whole rolled poorly on initiative) blinkshifed in front of Do and smashed a dude off the train with parking meter. Do flipped over his back and cut another one down...and then the hail of gunfire come.

A bunch of mooks shot the characters, wounding all of them, but Do got the worst of it. He flew from the train and landed in a heap at the base of the mountain. Bai jumped off to run and help him. Tang drew his meter back to throw it, but the grizzled old bandit in front of him shot the meter off center, and the weight pulled Tang off. Johnny, meanwhile, jumped at the burning lady with the rope in his hand, but missed and wound up landing in the dirt.

Seeing that the Dragons were badly outnumbered and apparently outmatched, Celeste decided to Cheese It. The bandits weren't interested in chasing them; they had a train to rob.

Tang ran over and found Do dying of his wounds. He managed to gasp out "stop the wizard" before expiring.

Tang wailed in grief and pounded his fists against the mountain walls, but there was nothing to be done. Do had fallen in battle.

Celeste remembered that there was a worker's camp not far from where they were, so they loaded up Do's body (and found some of the horses they'd liberated from the gang) and rode out. When they got there, they made for quite a spectacle, but Celeste talked to one of the workers and she led them to "Hei."

Hei was an old, old, old Chinese man. When they showed him the body, he grew quiet and touched Do's face. "I hoped I'd see my nephew again," he said, "but not like this."

The characters helped arrange the funeral, and afterwards Hei told them to rest and meditate, and he would see them in the morning. They found him on a hilltop, facing the sunrise. "So," he asked, "why you let my nephew die?"

Tang took responsibility. "I was focused on the enemy, not on my friends."

Hei told him to carry that lesson forward. Celeste said they would avenge Do, but Hei said that vengeance was poor motivation. Peace was better. He told Tang that he knew him; Tang was the former partner of Si Borg (yeah, I know), himself one of the Dragons. Hei said he knew of their visions, and could help put them in order, so that they could reach Bai's vision of an end to the Chi War. If they approached it out of order, the War would never end. They, Hei said, were the Last Dragons.

Hei told the characters to go to Myer's Gulch. The mayor/owner of the town, Ronnie Myer, was ambitious and evil, and by ousting him and bringing peace, they could honor Do's memory. The Dragons agreed, got some fresh clothes (some of them) and headed out.

They arrived in Myer's Gulch and headed for the local saloon (call The Devil & The Cat). They found, when they walked in, that the gang - all with blue-painted spurs on their boots - were there. The five leaders, including the man who'd stabbed Do (Russell the Joker), the man who'd tried to hang Johnny (Lasso Daniels), the woman who Bai set on fire (Alicia the Apostle), the grizzled old fella that shot Tang off the train (Rawhide Harrison), and the nerdy looking guy with glasses and deadshot aim (Doc Norris) were there playing poker. Russell grinned and balanced a knife on his finger. Tang started for them, but got himself under control.

Celeste bought a round of beer for her friends, and the sheriff (also in the bar) asked if they were going to be any trouble. "We're here for beer, not trouble," she said, and headed to the table.

Next time: Beer & trouble!