Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Feng Shui: Into the Nethers!

So! Last night was Feng Shui. Kind of a truncated session, since Michelle wasn't feeling well, but still good. Yeah, still good. #stitch

Last time, the characters had meditated and claimed a feng shui site, and therefore got their first advancement. This led to Awesomeing Up, and discovering that the Feng Shui rulebook has a bunch of errors with regards to schticks, in the Gene Freak particularly. But having figured that out, on we went!

The characters were roused by their phones (well, three of them: Johnny, Tang, and Celeste). They got a message from Sylvan Master that read HHHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! Tang got on the computer and backtraced the message (that's totally a thing), and they all jumped in the van and followed the signal. It led to an old, dilapidated building. Johnny, being Johnny, charged in...and vanished with a blue crackle.

The others followed, and found themselves in a series of stone tunnels. They discovered they had wifi service, on a network called "IKTV," so they followed the bars, and came across a tall building that looked like a giant cable modem, surrounded by giant screens played cat videos. They walked around it and saw a door, and Celeste tried to sneak up to it, cop-style. But then the lights went on and people on top of it started shooting rockets at them.

They fought off the guards, but then the screens changed and showed two women, twins, who introduced themselves as Laurel and Columbia Towson. They had come to this place - the Netherworld - and started their own broadcasting station, IKTV. The Dragons found this a little weird, but whatever.

The twins invited them up ("just don't kill any more of our ickies") and talked to them about some of the various factions in the Chi War, and explained the junctures. They said that Sylvan Master had tried to get into the servers, and they trapped him on a floppy disk, but as long as he wasn't trying to censor them, it was all good. As they talked, one of the screens in the office showed footage of what looked like a work camp staffed mostly with Chinese folks; Celeste identified it as Utah in 1860-some, near the completion of the trans-continental railroad.

And then Do saw someone in the crowd that he recognized - the sorcerer they knew as Leon. The group figured that Leon might be there doing some Chi War related badness, but the twins told them that these "pop-up junctures" were unstable, sometimes only staying open for a short time. They offered to show the Dragons to a portal to take them there, however, and the Dragons agreed.

Some ickies led them to the portal, and they emerged from a cave up the side of a mountain. Down in the valley, they saw a stagecoach racing along, as masked men on horses approached. It seems their skills are needed...