Monday, June 6, 2016

Character Creation: Feng Shui 2nd Ed

OK, I've got about 30 minutes before the game tonight, but the last thing on my to-do listed today was "make a character," so I'm gonna do one real quick. And that means I need a quick-ass game that I know well.

The Game: Feng Shui 2nd Ed
The Publisher: Atlas Games
Degree of Familiarity: Quite a bit, now, at least with the system (the metaplot continues to elude me)
Books Required: Just the one.

OK, so I made a character for the first edition this game back in 2009 (JESUS), but my policy is to make new characters for new editions, so here we are. The game didn't change all that much in terms of tone and backstory (the backstory got updated, hence my "metaplot" comment). But, it's still down to the same process: Pick an archetype, apply a coat of paint, good to go. No numbers required. Literally the most time-consuming part of this process is going to be scanning in the sheet.

But what would I like to play?

Well, if you've been keeping up, you know I like jumpy-flippy characters, but I also enjoy stealthy characters. And so I choose the Ninja. All I need is a name, a concept, and a melodramatic hook.

I think I want my character to be from the contemporary juncture, just because it'd be easier to play. I don't have to be a literal ninja, I'm just a stealthy-assassiny type of person. So I'm gonna say my character was a famous actor. He wasn't famous for acting; he was a martial arts badass and had kind of a Jet Li thing going in the States (more famous in China). He learned, however, that the studio to which he was under contract was doing hella shady things (this is going to be his melodramatic hook). He's already rich, but he's under tight contract and he's well known as a good guy - does charity work, shows up at hospitals and all that. He knows that if he were to just cut ties, the studio would discredit him (or worse; see "hella shady" earlier).

So instead, he wears all black, breaks into their subsidiaries, steals damning documents, photographs their execs in compromising positions, and otherwise works against the studio (and their subsidiaries). He doesn't even rise to the level of "Masked Avenger" because he doesn't want anyone to see him; he knows that even his fighting style would be a giveaway. So he is a phantom, a shadow...a ninja.

His real name is Wo Dan (or "Dan Wo," in America), and the concept and hook, I've covered. There, that's me done. Easy-peasy.