Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Feng Schweeee

Finally got to play Feng Shui last night. Let's get to the fight!

The characters, heading back to the building holding Johnny Zhu's comatose body after fighting a bunch of apes last time, pulled up at the building and were greeted by a hail of gunfire! Troops from the roof and the street, led by a man in a uniform, a woman in loose, flowing clothes, and a dude dressed all in black, attacked!

They got out of the car and Do leaped over it, cutting two of the thugs down. Leon got out and flew straight at the guy in black, collided...and they both vanished.

(Context: Leon's player had a fucking meltdown during a game a couple of weeks ago and dropped out, so that was me disposing of his character quickly. I have plans.)

In the building next door to the characters', a young man named Johnny Archer saw the action and heard gunfire from the roof. He raced up the stairs, grabbing a folding chair on his way, and leaped forward, smacking one of the gun-toting thugs off the roof! As he got there, the woman in the loose clothing jumped off the roof and slid down the side, kicked off, flew through the air, and booted Do right in the head! He recognized her style of fighting, and remembered her name: Spider Feng.

(That'd be our new character, the Everyday Hero, played by Alisdair.)

The battle raged down below. Tang noticed a dude in a car, drawing a bead on him...and then he got shot. He lurched forward and stove in the car with a parking meter, and then smacked the dude in the uniform with it, knocking him offscreen. A big huge dude carrying a club, Big Ban Wei, stomped into battle, but Celeste jumped up and shot his club out of his hands. Bai kicked him in the knees and clonked him with his staves, but Ban Wei is tough. Bai knocked him back into a lamp shop window, where he settled with a lampshade on his head.

On the roof, the other two gunmen opened fire at Johnny, but he deflected the bullets with the chair, and dispatched them handily. Knocking the second off the roof, thunder clapped, and everyone turned to look up at him! (He rolled boxcars and then rolled a great big Swerve, so.)

The guy in the uniform - Captain Ping - came back and ordered the dude in the car to drive off. He cheesed it, shooting Tang on the way. Tang, annoyed, smacked him with his parking meter and knocked him into the store window. He emerged, and Johnny, on the roof, flung tiles at him...but Ping just tossed a grenade. It exploded, knocking Johnny to the street below. Tang realized that this kid looked a lot like his dead partner in the future...perhaps Johnny was his partner's ancestor?

Spider Feng had taken a few slices from Do, and had enough. She Cheesed It, vanishing in a swirl of silk ribbons. In the lamp shop, Ping emerged again, but Johnny jumped forward with a chunk of wood he'd found and knocked him right out!

Johnny introduced himself, and the characters went into the building to check on Zhu. Johnny realized that Zhu was his neighbor, and had been for many years! Everyone's phone rang; it was Sylvan Master. He told them that this place was a chi site, and they needed to attune it to control its power. They all sat and meditated, and had visions....

  • Bai had a vision of his sister, meditating with him in a garden in his own time, the chi war over. 
  • Celeste saw her sister, surrounded by glowing, magical mandalas.
  • Do saw Leon attacking him, just before he lost his memory!
  • Tang saw himself driving with his partner in the future, before said partner had died, and looking at a sketchbook detailing the chi war - had his partner been a Dragon?
  • Johnny saw his mother in the future, a survivor of the C-Bomb, fighting in the chi war.
The characters now get to awesome up. Next time, we'll see where all this takes us.