Monday, March 28, 2016

Night's Black Agents: Shit Gets Real

Saturday was the end of an op in Night's Black Agents, and a pretty decisive victory for the agents. Check it out.

Last time, the characters decided to use Hanover's art contacts and cover to have a big party at the art museum, proceeds to benefit free energy. They made sure to invite Simon Thibault, CEO of Tasse Medical, whom they suspected was a vampire ("master", in their adopted nomenclature). They also invited Dierk Essert, one of the other higher-ups in the IFEA.

The night of the party, Gambone was working general security, Esse was acting as Hanover's bodyguard, Hanover was in cover (and in disguise) as Hans Brandt, and Parker was in cover as Jesse Stephens, Montana oil heiress. They worked the room, and noted that Thibault was there, with three security agents of his own. He was being polite and charming, and "Jesse" chatted with him a bit. She flirted, and he was polite, but nonresponsive. She also noticed, though, that he had the telltale lisp that "masters" did, the result of the tentacles under their tongues.

The agents also noted another guest they hadn't counted on - Ioan Koltay, energy researcher and sometime collaborator of the late Dr. Macan. He also had security on him, but he didn't seem to know about them. This worried the agents, and Parker crept out to the parking lot to check Koltay's limo. She found his the back seat, garrotted. Something was officially going down.

Parker traded places with Gambone (he actually had some Infiltration left), and he opened the limo and determined that, yes, the driver was dead, strangled expertly. He talked with the group of drivers and figured out who the imposter was, and noted that he was armed. The conspiracy was apparently planning on nabbing Koltay, probably after the party.

Hanover, as Brandt, pulled Koltay aside, on the premise of going over some numbers from the party. Gambone and Esse blocked his security from following until he was out of sight, and Parker and Hanover explained the situation (well, inasmuch as "your driver is dead, some bad people are trying to kidnap you") is an explanation. Koltay insisted on calling the police, and the agents figured that wasn't a terrible idea - but they needed to get him clear. Parker and Esse took Koltay out the back and spirited him away toward a safe house, while Hanover called the police to report the dead dude.

Meanwhile, watching the security team, Gambone noticed that the folks watching Thibault and the folks watching Koltay were communicating. They made Thibault aware, and he said something to them, after which they walked away - an abort code. Gambone was too far away to hear him (and he doesn't speak French anyway), but he was able to lip-read one word: "Sedillo."

Realizing, then, that Dr. Sedillo was in danger, Esse headed out to her place. He parked and waited, and then saw four men approach the house. Two went around back, and then came out the front carrying the unconscious doctor. They loaded her into a car. Esse considered intervening, but he also knew that he didn't have much chance against four armed, trained agents, even if they were all human. Instead, he tailed the car, hooked up with Parker (with Koltay in tow) and Gambone (Gambone had left the party surreptitiously, Hanover decided he'd rather not burn his Brandt cover, so stayed there). They tailed the car to the clinic.

Another car pulled up, and Thibault got out. This was bad - the agents had figured out that "the room" was used to convert people into vampires, and apparently Sedillo was the next target. They decided to hit them hard and fast, and hope that their blood thickener mixture worked.

Gambone lobbed a grenade at the lawn between the car and the clinic, as a diversion. Parker sniped Thibault in the head - the blow knocked him down, but he started to get up. Esse charged, and shot Thibault with the dart gun containing the blood thickener. The results were...dramatic.

Thibault went down and started heaving. He spat up a huge chunk of...blood? Flesh? and then went still. Two of his guards bugged out. One shot at Gambone, but his vest absorbed most of the impact (yay Preparedness). Another got in the car, reversed, and started to peel out, but Esse shot the engine block and disabled it. Parker shot the dude, and the agents pulled Sedillo out and got the hell away from the clinic.

Back at the safe house, they explained to the terrified academics what was happening - there was a conspiracy afoot, it had targeted them, and they weren't safe. They decided to recruit Sedillo and Koltay; their research and expertise could help the agents refine their methods. Sedillo revealed that some years back, she'd sold some drugs and equipment on the black market; this was the information Macan had used to blackmail her into letting the conspiracy use the "room," but she'd never seen what they did there. Koltay, likewise, had worked on the designs and problems Macan had given him, but he was an engineer at heart - he never really thought about the applications.

The agents pulled out of Switzerland and headed to Tuscany. They're on the run again and Geneva is far too hot, but they managed to take out some key resources from the conspiracy. Next time, we'll see what response that brings.