Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Night's Black Agents - Party Prep!

We played Night's Black Agents on Saturday. It wasn't a terrible long session, because my players did that thing where they came up with something that was better than what I was planning, but I needed some time to prep. More specifically:

The characters were in Geneva, you'll recall, looking into the Reineger Clinic and trying to figure out where the vampires fit in. The agents settled in, figuring it was better to be patient. Hanover took a job at the local art museum, using his Dr. Brandt cover. Gambone spent his days tailing Dr. Sedillo, both to make sure she wasn't secretly a vampire and to make sure she didn't get eaten by one. Esse took a job at the clinic as an orderly to listen in on gossip and learn the patterns of the place. Parker hung around at the UN using her journalist cover and looked into the IFEA.

They learned things! Esse discovered that the staff talked about "the room" a bit, but they mostly assumed it was for rich patients, dignitaries from unpopular regimes, war criminals, that kind of thing. Gambone followed Sedillo and listened in on her conversations, but didn't see anything that made him think she was a "master." Hanover wasn't really looking into conspiracy-related things, but establishing a cover and cementing it, which would come in handy in a few paragraphs. Parker learned that the IFEA came under scrutiny after its last conference in Bonn; a decapitated dude in a parking garage and the disappearance of an international convention coordinator weren't small things. The next IFEA conference had been scheduled for France, but after that scrutiny it was moved to Bratislava.

The agents looked into the IFEA a bit more, and found that the higher-ups in the company were Ioan Koltay, M.D., Simon Thibault (CEO of Tasse), Dierk Essert (a German industrialist), and Nikita Utkin (high-level exec working for Rus-Bel Air, a small airline operating in eastern Europe).

That was a new face, so they started digging. Rus-Bel was based in Minsk, Belarus, and flew mainly to that part of the world. Parker dug in a little and learned that Rus-Bel occasionally had flights that were "cancelled," but still left airports. Maybe Vilmos Hajnal was using the airline to get around, at least in those countries?

The agents decided that they might be able to lure some of these people to Switzerland and gain intel or advantage under the guise of a gala at the museum, which Hanover was in a position to do. They decided to set up an art showing and use the proceeds for energy research, so they had an excuse to invite these folks. They decided to invite Thibault and Essert to the party, along with a few uninvolved people to round out the guest list and create plausible deniability.

They bought weapons, going through Gambone's arms dealer friend. They set up weapons caches at the museum, and Hanover got Gambone and Esse covers as security. Parker is going as Jessie Stevens, her American rich-girl cover.

Next time, it's that scene in every spy movie where everyone's dressed to the nines and lookin' hot. And then violence ensues, one hopes.